Spring Has Sprung!

Finally, the cold winter seasons have gone, and now the flowers are finally blooming on your old Japanese Cherry Blossom.

It’s time to put away your chunky winter coats and fluffy scarfs for fresh new styles of the season!

What does spring mean? Floral everything!

One of my favorites are floral dresses, short or long, they are always super cute!

floral dresses

Floral tops are another fave! They are super stylish and go with anything, even when there is just a flower or too in the corner, or with a lot of lace! It makes you look so new and fresh, starting off the season with a good start!


Floral skirts are also a thing of the present. Whether they are long skirts, pencil skirts, short skirts, or ruffled skirts, they always add a little jazz to an outfit. You can wear anything with them, basic v-necks and solid color tank tops are favorites for teens!


Spring is also a time of wearing lace and new and bright colors. Lacey clothes are always professional looking, especially skin-tight ones. The most common lace colors are black and white, but who wouldn’t love a pop of pink or a stripe of blue?

From skirts to tank tops to shorts, almost any clothes can be made of lace!

lace clothes

Something not necessarily “new” this season is hi-low skirts and pencil skirts. Even though they aren’t new, they can make any girl look totes fabs and always blending in with the pretty gals!

Hi-Low skirts and pencil skirts come with anything and in any color, blazing red, baby blue, and even are parts of dresses!

pencil skirts

And something everybody loves is a little bit of chiffon! What is chiffon you say? Well chiffon is a type of fabric that is lightweight and has a slightly rough feel. It is also stretchy(sometimes) and too be honest, when I walk around in the cold with chiffon clothes, it seems to absorb the cold!

Chiffon favorites are modernized blouses, dresses, skirts, and more!


There are so many styles out there, and it’s almost impossible to have all this style!

But once you DO find the perfect style for yourself, you will totally be the most kawaii chic ever!

spring style


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