Interview With: Georgia Eugenides

Maybe you have seen her in Teen Vogue, or maybe on her fashion blog,, this one-of-a-kind inspiring 14-year-old is living it all the way!

What is it like having famous parents, an author for a dad, and an artist for a mom?

Having a famous dad seems normal, probably because I’ve never known anything else. He’s like any other dad though, famous or not. We still spend time together, he still gets upset when I get a bad grade, and he’s still there for me whenever I need advice. I guess the only thing that’s different is when I go on book tours with him. In the Summer, we fly from place to place, never staying in one for too long. It sounds exhausting but It’s actually a great experience.

How did you get interested in Fashion Design?

The first time I can remember caring whether my shoes matched my shirt was when I was eight. We had just moved to a new house, and unlike our old one in Germany, this one had giant full sized mirrors. I remember heading out the door to school and then seeing the reflection of my outfit. It looked terrible- green corduroys, muddy sneakers, and a purple sequined tank top. I’ve tried hard to erase that memory from mind, but with no success. That day when I got back from school, I threw out my entire wardrobe, and headed to A&F. Ever since then I’ve had the reputation as “that girl who spends way to much time deciding whether to wear that bracelet or that bracelet”.
Do you basically get to buy all the clothes you want, cause that would be awesome!?
Oh how I wish! That’d be a dream come true, having no spending limits. But like every other kid, I have a pretty bad allowance
What inspires your fashion sense?
Tumblr does. I search “fashion” and seriously spend hours looking through pictures on there. I’ve found some pretty great blogs, like, .
What do you plan to do when you grow up?
It changes a lot. At one point I wanted to be a fireman, even. For the last two years, however, I’ve wanted  to be a designer. Sometimes I daydream about having a high class store called “georgia tate” featuring good quality things, but with a slightly edgy twist. I feel like all the expensive stores, like Prada or Coach, are too preppy. We really need a store featuring a style more like Taylor Momsen’s.
What was it like to have a photo shoot and an interview with Teen Vogue?
It was fun, but the outfit displayed wasn’t my favorite. At first I had on a pink dress with a huge skirt. I like how it turned out though, even though I kind of do look tired.



2 thoughts on “Interview With: Georgia Eugenides

  1. Cool! But I still have no clue who she is.

    • She was a special guest featured in the oh-so-popular teen magazine “Teen Vogue”, she’s kind of a beginner to the fame world, so she’s not very far into it, but her parents are quite famous, Jeffrey Eugenides and Karen Yama, you probably haven’t heard of them…

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