Summer Hairstyles: New and Ongoing

There are so many hairstyles that are new and on-going and perfect for this new summer season. Well it’s not necessarily summer, but this weather her in San Diego sure makes it feel like it!

One on-going summer trend from last year was ombre hair! Many say this fad is fading, but I still think it’s super cute and wearable this summer!


A natural looking hairstyle perfect for the beach and pool is beachy style waves, and are easy to create!


One of the prettiest hairstyles I have seen all over Facebook and Tumblr are waterfall braids with curls, which are to die for!


And there’s the classic curled or straightened hair, which looks good anyday!



There are also many color trends. I have never seen this on a person, and I don’t really want to, but this new trend is also all over Facebook and Tumblr, searching for it’s next victim! Rainbow hair! Um…No thanks.Image

Many people, Asians specifically, have been dyeing their hair red-brownish or brown, even me! I think this is a trend for mostly Koreans and K-pop people, but it still looks cute on everybody!




So enjoy yourself this summer, maybe try something new on your hair! You’ll never know if you like it or not unless you try it! ❤


My Daily Makeup









Ok, well maybe I don’t do this on a daily basis, but you know…whatever…

First I start with a little bit of foundation to cover up imperfections on my face, with Neutrogena Foundation from the drugstore.



Then I curl my eyelashes. In the 2nd picture, I hope you can tell, my left eyelashes are curled, and my right are not. I just used an eyelash curler I found in my mom’s drawers.




Next I put on a little bit of eyeshadow. I just used some cheap, plain, sparkling brownish eye shadow I got on sale from Victoria’s Secret.


Then I put on some liquid eyeliner from the drugstore. I don’t like using pencil eyeliner because it’s a bit harder to use, and liquid eyeliner always turns out pretty good, almost perfect!


After that, I use Great Lash mascara on my already-curled eyelashes. I brush it out a little at the end to get any clumps out.



Next, I add a little blush to my cheeks with Max Factor blush. I add it to my cheek bones right under my eyes to make it look more natural.



Lastly, I put on some colored lip gloss. I don’t usually do this, but it looked so nice! This lip gloss is a nice pinkish color a little darker than my lips, from Loreal, called Infallible Le Gloss.




And this was the end result.



Like it?



Oh, the summer days are getting so hot! In San Diego, it was about 90 degrees yesterday, and 80 degrees today!

That’s perfect weather for………cropped tank tops, which look SUPER cute with high-waisted shorts!

One of the CUTEST tank tops I saw today was this infinity cropped tank top!! It’s super easy to make ~Might post tutorial on this

infinity crop tank


Another trending tank top is this amazingly adorable Brandy Melville Moon Tank! It cost $20 on the Brandy Melville site, but you can deifinitely make it for cheaper!

moon tank


This cross tank top is another must-have!

cross tank


And more and more tank tops! Get a whole supply for summer, they are super cute and never are out-of-style!

yellow crop tank lace crop tank flag tank top

See?! Super cute with high-waisted shorts!


New Summer Styles

You can get bustiers and shorts pretty much anywhere, so that is what’s #trending!

Shorts, let’s see, people have been hand making shorts into different designs; cutting shorts, distressing, painting,  sewing on new fabric, new lace, all that new stuff! And you can buy them anywhere; eBay, Wanelo, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

newest summer style


shorts and bustier


Remember the Ombre Bleached Aztec Print shorts I made? Well I might be selling preorder shorts soon, in all different designs! So stay tuned if you want cute $20 shorts!