Oh, the summer days are getting so hot! In San Diego, it was about 90 degrees yesterday, and 80 degrees today!

That’s perfect weather for………cropped tank tops, which look SUPER cute with high-waisted shorts!

One of the CUTEST tank tops I saw today was this infinity cropped tank top!! It’s super easy to make ~Might post tutorial on this

infinity crop tank


Another trending tank top is this amazingly adorable Brandy Melville Moon Tank! It cost $20 on the Brandy Melville site, but you can deifinitely make it for cheaper!

moon tank


This cross tank top is another must-have!

cross tank


And more and more tank tops! Get a whole supply for summer, they are super cute and never are out-of-style!

yellow crop tank lace crop tank flag tank top

See?! Super cute with high-waisted shorts!



7 thoughts on “#CroppedTankTops

  1. TUTORIAL!!!!! On the infintity tank top. It’s my favorite.

  2. For the first shirt, that is SUPER popular at my school. I saw like 10 people wearing that shirt already… It’s kind of weird to see…

  3. My school is very harsh about our dress code…. apparently we look like we’re going to the beach. -.-

  4. Don’t you blog about Fantage? o.O

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