My Daily Makeup









Ok, well maybe I don’t do this on a daily basis, but you know…whatever…

First I start with a little bit of foundation to cover up imperfections on my face, with Neutrogena Foundation from the drugstore.



Then I curl my eyelashes. In the 2nd picture, I hope you can tell, my left eyelashes are curled, and my right are not. I just used an eyelash curler I found in my mom’s drawers.




Next I put on a little bit of eyeshadow. I just used some cheap, plain, sparkling brownish eye shadow I got on sale from Victoria’s Secret.


Then I put on some liquid eyeliner from the drugstore. I don’t like using pencil eyeliner because it’s a bit harder to use, and liquid eyeliner always turns out pretty good, almost perfect!


After that, I use Great Lash mascara on my already-curled eyelashes. I brush it out a little at the end to get any clumps out.



Next, I add a little blush to my cheeks with Max Factor blush. I add it to my cheek bones right under my eyes to make it look more natural.



Lastly, I put on some colored lip gloss. I don’t usually do this, but it looked so nice! This lip gloss is a nice pinkish color a little darker than my lips, from Loreal, called Infallible Le Gloss.




And this was the end result.



Like it?



8 thoughts on “My Daily Makeup

  1. Lorane Reinhard

    Very pretty! Can you post a video? Maybe a tutorial on makeup or a outfit of the week vid?

  2. Love it <3<3

    What are the prices of all the items you used?

  3. Lorane Reinhard

    hey where’s that vid
    I’m waiting 😡

  4. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    Is that really YOU?! AWESOME~

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