Summer Hairstyles: New and Ongoing

There are so many hairstyles that are new and on-going and perfect for this new summer season. Well it’s not necessarily summer, but this weather her in San Diego sure makes it feel like it!

One on-going summer trend from last year was ombre hair! Many say this fad is fading, but I still think it’s super cute and wearable this summer!


A natural looking hairstyle perfect for the beach and pool is beachy style waves, and are easy to create!


One of the prettiest hairstyles I have seen all over Facebook and Tumblr are waterfall braids with curls, which are to die for!


And there’s the classic curled or straightened hair, which looks good anyday!



There are also many color trends. I have never seen this on a person, and I don’t really want to, but this new trend is also all over Facebook and Tumblr, searching for it’s next victim! Rainbow hair! Um…No thanks.Image

Many people, Asians specifically, have been dyeing their hair red-brownish or brown, even me! I think this is a trend for mostly Koreans and K-pop people, but it still looks cute on everybody!




So enjoy yourself this summer, maybe try something new on your hair! You’ll never know if you like it or not unless you try it! ❤


6 thoughts on “Summer Hairstyles: New and Ongoing

  1. I liked the waterwhatsitsname thing =3=

  2. Nice hair styles! I am looking forward to going to La Jolla Beach this weekend myself!

  3. I just LOVE the waterfall braids /curls ❤

  4. Mine is the first one, except my hair is black with yellow-ish highlights at the tips.

  5. random fact: i learned how to do this random braid that looks that waterfall (i sorta made it up)
    any ideas for a girl with hair the same color as a black leather couch? my hair is wavy but more to the curly side also, its very hard to tame ^.^

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