Pre-order Clothes!

My friend is selling a bunch of preorder clothing that are all SUPER CUTE and SUPER affordable! These are just some of the need-to-have summer clothes that she is selling!

Cute swimsuits, including a lot more!


Bustier dresses, which I really really want! There are like more than 10 types to choose from!

bustier dresses

Dresses, so many dresses!

dresses preorder

She also is selling tops, bottoms, skirts, bustiers, and so much more! If you want to preorder some of these soooo cute things, just email me at or message me on Facebook at which is my little boutique am I’m selling clothes, too ❤


8 thoughts on “Pre-order Clothes!

  1. Did she like make them or buy them or..

  2. um… how much r they??

  3. Hey! I’ve been searching for that blue bustier dress so badly and i cannot find it anywhere. What would be the prize of it if it would be possible to order it this way?

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