Party in the USA Fan Video

A couple of friends and I made a fan video at a pool party because we got bored, it’s pretty lame, but I  hope you enjoy it!


10 thoughts on “Party in the USA Fan Video

  1. Im confused. Which one is you and which one is Amanda… The one with a plaid shirt and shorts or the one with the yellow dress?..

  2. Aww, it’s blocked in my country :[

  3. Which one is you…
    Almost everyone is wearing sunglasses.
    I can’t tell.
    And who’s filming the video?

  4. ♋Hollow72244♋’s not working :/

  5. Ohh, so “Casey” is just your Fantage name! Cool video; hope you had fun at your pool party. 🙂

  6. Lawl. Me and my friends did this once at the beach.. It was a failure and everyone kept staring at us. O.o

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