I was reading the latest edition of Teen Vogue and saw their crazy hairstyles! They look so new and crazy, I’m surprised our world hasn’t started dressing like the Capitol in The Hunger Games, if you know what I mean…

Emma Watson can really rock this modern mullet! Could you?

emma watson teen vogue

This Haute Hawk is just what the world needs, a bit of color and pizzazz! But could anyone really rock this killer?

haute hawk


10 thoughts on “#CrazyHair!

  1. Wow…
    I couldn’t…

  2. OMGNESS!! Fell in love when I read the name “Emma Watson”… she can rock absolutely anything, ESPECIALLY Capitol trends.

  3. Saw it like in every magazine..

  4. And can you do a fashion video? I love all your clothes. Or maybe a summer haul 😀
    Thanks xo

  5. I hate how a messy bun has to be *PERFECTLY* messy ._.

  6. Oh my that Hatue hawk looks just a bit ……..

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