Vintage Distressed High Waisted Shorts

You can’t get through summer without the in-style high waisted shorts fad right?

Well, I decided to make a pair myself, and this is how they turned out!

It’s just a pair of 100% cotton jeans from the thrift store, brand is Levi’s!

DSC_0006 DSC_0007


Like it?


9 thoughts on “Vintage Distressed High Waisted Shorts

  1. Just a tad short for my taste… I guess I’ve been brainwashed by my school’s dress restrictions, haha! They’re really nice; are they just a pair of jeans that you cut and trimmed?

  2. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    Since you`re the FASHION QUEEN, I`m going to Mid School~
    Any advice..? 😀
    And no naked stuff. 😛

  3. Can you please do a makeup video?
    I really want to learn how to apply eyeliner and mascara 😀

  4. Christy Walker

    Cool! Turned out awesome! -fives-That is like a store bought one almost! Great job! Lol I’m trying out faces! -pups215


  5. A little bit too short, but definitely cute.

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