There are basically 2 main types of maxi skirts out there, slit, and…not slit.

You can definitely say that maxi skirts are for “older” girls, such as college students, high school students, adults, and young adults. They make you look mature, older, and taller, and are everywhere in the city and towns of Southern California. It’s like a you-need-to-have-it-or-else-you’re-totally-out-of-style thing here in So Cal.

Slit Maxi Skirt

slit maxi skirt

Normal Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt

Which one would you prefer?


4 thoughts on “#MaxiSkirts

  1. foreverball11

    I like the normal ones! 😀

  2. ♋Hollow72244♋

    I don’t like slit maxi skirts, I’d prefer normal ones :3

  3. I like the normal maxi skirt better 🙂

  4. Slit Maxi Skirt 🙂

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