Fall Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe it either, but it already is starting to get cold in San Diego, oh where did the summer go! Since the weather(and the classrooms) are getting colder, I need warmer clothes! Since my mom won’t let us go winter shopping till black friday, I’ll have to make do with a few of my mom’s cardigans and one too-tight pair of jeans for now.
Which one of these outfits do you like better??


City Girl shirt


Brandy Melville shirt.
I swear I am getting way fatter….stop eating chocolate girl…



So my friend(we didn’t have a phone for like a year) got a new Samsung Galaxy S4(so jealous) so now we get to chat a lot(yay!). We are so Asian we use this random asian messaging app called We Chat and I askes her what outfit I should wear for school tommorow.
But then I was like, ‘Hey! I have a blog! Why not ask the viewers!’ So I made 3 outfits each with the same skirt. Which top do you think looks the best with the skirt? P.S. I made funny faces to her cause we close sistas like that.


Omg my face….


Oh yea who wouldn’t want that.


And then…I don’t even know…

First Day of School Outfit #2

I am actually wearing this outfit for the first day of school! I am staying with the high-waisted shorts and muscle crop top trend, so its cliche but still super cute!


Forever 21 wolves cropped muscle tee, Brandy Melville brass infinity ring, Mossimo Supply Co. leather shoulder bag, white Vans, handmade studded high-waisted shorts

First Day of School Outfit #1

School starts on Wednesday for me! Ahh! And the first day is how you make your impression on everyone! It shows how much you’ve changed over summer, or at least your wardrobe. Its normal for people to be like *fancy and pretty* on the first day of school, then like *bleh* for the rest of the year. Hey, why not be dressy all year?


First outfit: A heart cut-out tank from F21 and a Brandy Melville maroon skirt. Add a few silver and blue bracelets for color and pizazz and dom’t forget the shoes! With wedge sneakers with a pop of color, you’ll appear stylish but a little edgy.

Brandy Melville Order Update

Its been only 2 days and I have already receieved my brandy melville items! Good shipping time!
The quality of the ring was okay. It smelled like metal and was already rusty.


They sell the ring for $4 online but the price tag said $3. Um okay….


The dress was so pretty though!! I loved it!!!




Still, I think shipping overall was really expensive, and only the dress was worth it.
Otherwise, I recommend buying their super cute clothing!!

Brandy Melville Order

Just ordered these 2 AMAZINGLY cute items from brandymelvilleusa.com

Shipping was ridiculously high(almost $10!) but I hope it will be worth it once I get the items!

I heard that usually Brandy doesn’t ship or give you confirmation that they shipped very accurately and that they take a long time…

But who knows? I’ll write a  review on the shipping, products, packaging, and time when I get the items.

Together, these 2 items cost $44.35 with shipping and tax….

It says it takes 5-7 days to ship, so I guess I’ll see about that!

brandy melville ordered stuff


I just love love LOVE heels, but sadly, I only have one pair of nice glittery black heels. I doubt my mom would be buy me any, she would say they are not “age appropriate.” Hey, you may think that too, but who cares. So here are some heels that I want A LOT!

Black Sparkly Heels

black sparkley heels

Studded Heels

studded heels

Floral Heels ❤

Floral heels

Sneaker Heels!

sneaker heels

Strappy Heels

strappy heels

Galaxy Heels

galaxy heels

Really Epic Heels!!!

awesome heels

Color Block Heels

colorblock heels

Those really pretty heels that you really want….

beautiful heels

Then there’s those super awesome heels no one ever wears…

slide heels

gum heels

slingshot heels

Yea you get the point. So maybe most of these heels, no one ever wears, but it was cool looking at the pictures right? Yea…all in all, wear what is right for you, let the heel speak to you! And you will find the perfect match for you!