I just love love LOVE heels, but sadly, I only have one pair of nice glittery black heels. I doubt my mom would be buy me any, she would say they are not “age appropriate.” Hey, you may think that too, but who cares. So here are some heels that I want A LOT!

Black Sparkly Heels

black sparkley heels

Studded Heels

studded heels

Floral Heels ❤

Floral heels

Sneaker Heels!

sneaker heels

Strappy Heels

strappy heels

Galaxy Heels

galaxy heels

Really Epic Heels!!!

awesome heels

Color Block Heels

colorblock heels

Those really pretty heels that you really want….

beautiful heels

Then there’s those super awesome heels no one ever wears…

slide heels

gum heels

slingshot heels

Yea you get the point. So maybe most of these heels, no one ever wears, but it was cool looking at the pictures right? Yea…all in all, wear what is right for you, let the heel speak to you! And you will find the perfect match for you!


6 thoughts on “#Heels

  1. Woah, how would you wear the Really Epic Shoes?

  2. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    I dunno how they`re gonna wear those Epic Heels! 😛

  3. Thoose really epic heels look a bit insane but only when I picture someone wear them. :3

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