First Day of School Outfit #1

School starts on Wednesday for me! Ahh! And the first day is how you make your impression on everyone! It shows how much you’ve changed over summer, or at least your wardrobe. Its normal for people to be like *fancy and pretty* on the first day of school, then like *bleh* for the rest of the year. Hey, why not be dressy all year?


First outfit: A heart cut-out tank from F21 and a Brandy Melville maroon skirt. Add a few silver and blue bracelets for color and pizazz and dom’t forget the shoes! With wedge sneakers with a pop of color, you’ll appear stylish but a little edgy.


5 thoughts on “First Day of School Outfit #1

  1. My school has a SUPER STRICT dress code 😦
    I’m not allowed to wear the heart tee nor the skirt

  2. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    I`m imagining you wearing `em and you look pretty! ❤

  3. Make some fashion YouTube vids

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