So my friend(we didn’t have a phone for like a year) got a new Samsung Galaxy S4(so jealous) so now we get to chat a lot(yay!). We are so Asian we use this random asian messaging app called We Chat and I askes her what outfit I should wear for school tommorow.
But then I was like, ‘Hey! I have a blog! Why not ask the viewers!’ So I made 3 outfits each with the same skirt. Which top do you think looks the best with the skirt? P.S. I made funny faces to her cause we close sistas like that.


Omg my face….


Oh yea who wouldn’t want that.


And then…I don’t even know…


7 thoughts on “#WhichOutfit?!

  1. ♒ Titania ♒

    2nd outfit and by the way, you posted it twice ~.~

  2. I like the second and third c:

  3. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    3rd Outfit. It matches up like black-to-black. Also, my sister has your first shirt! But more peach-y! 😀

  4. Love the second and last one. My school has a really strict dress code. I’m not allowed to wear anything like those outfits to school Dx, its going to be pure torture 😦

  5. Last one is awesome

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