Fall Outfit Ideas

I can’t believe it either, but it already is starting to get cold in San Diego, oh where did the summer go! Since the weather(and the classrooms) are getting colder, I need warmer clothes! Since my mom won’t let us go winter shopping till black friday, I’ll have to make do with a few of my mom’s cardigans and one too-tight pair of jeans for now.
Which one of these outfits do you like better??


City Girl shirt


Brandy Melville shirt.
I swear I am getting way fatter….stop eating chocolate girl…


9 thoughts on “Fall Outfit Ideas

  1. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    1st one but I hate the idea of showing your belly…

  2. What kind of boots will be in style?

  3. Thanks!:))

    There’s just one thing most of your outfits are lacking… jewellery!

  4. I like the 1st one XD

  5. 2nd one! the trend at my school right now is shorts w/ leggings (just a fun fact!)

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