Homecoming is here for many high schools already, but for us, it’s in November! But who cares, I am planning early.

If you are a freshman, here are some things that will be going on:

1. Too many people grinding.

2. If you don’t go with a group of friends or a guy, it’ll be awkward.

3. If you take a guy, you will most likely be grinding.

4. People don’t usually wear long dresses, mostly mini dresses for homecoming, but for prom, it’s otherwise.

5. I don’t know if other high schools do this, but the girls always take off their shoes to dance.

So… I need to choose a dress. I have a high low dress, but I don’t know if I should wear it…

If I don’t wear that hi-low dress, which one of these black mini dresses should I wear!? I like body con dresses, but I might look to skinny in them 😦

homecoming dress



How To Make A Messy Bun

I was definitely going to post this earlier, but Windows Movie Maker was being stupid and slow, so I tried to edit it on the other computer, yet it was in a format that wouldn’t go with that version of Movie Maker, so for a long time, I tried to convert the video clips, which STILL didn’t work, so I gave up and went back to this computer. When I say its “stupid and slow” I mean that it is so slow, I can’t even play video clips cause it’s so laggy, so I didn’t cut the clips and this video turned out kind of crappy…

Anyway, you probably don’t want to hear me talk about my crappy computers, so here is the video!