Selfie Photoshoot

So just by looking at the title, you will probably think this is a narcissistic post of a bunch of selfies I took. Actually, I saw a friend posted her “first blog photo shoot” pictures as a throwback Thursday. That made me think:

1. I haven’t update in forever(sorry!)

2. I should do that too!

Well I decided that you guys never saw me trying to look nice in pictures. So I took a few pictures from previous selfie photo shoots I did for myself, just cause I am conceited like that, and decided to show you guys some!

Maybe I’ll do an actual clothing photo shoot later ;D

PhotoGrid_1379550313811 PhotoGrid_1379550419583 PhotoGrid_1379550494040 PhotoGrid_1379550572494

PhotoGrid_1374872335948 PhotoGrid_1374872720248


Now that you are tired of looking at my hideous face, maybe I’ll do a video on how to do my hair!

That’s it, thanks for following and visiting my blog!


13 thoughts on “Selfie Photoshoot

  1. You’re so pretty!

  2. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    The 2nd photo is pretty because it makes your eyes sparkle!

  3. SO PRETTY!!


  5. I love your hair. Have you ever tried side bangs? They would look perfect on you.

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