Self Confidence?

Well I don’t usually type my feelings about life on this blog, but I feel like I should really cover the topic of self confidence. Why? Well because this is a blog about looking good. And having beautiful hair and perfect clothes and makeup to enhance your appearance. I am in NO WAY trying to demoralize my blog, of course not! But what I am saying is that behind all this frill and cover up, you have to accept yourself for who you are. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t good enough, and looking at pictures of PERFECT people really didn’t help either. The fact that I don’t have naturally straight and perfect hair, or that I really can’t afford the best clothes, or that I am not really pretty makes me want to be a different person. Now you might be thinking, “Yea, YOU have no self confidence,” but it’s really the fact that I accept myself as a person who ISN’T the best. My grades kind of suck (for an Asian ;D), I have like NO talent (except in art…kind of), and I’m not really pretty (even in Asian standards). But I try to make the best of what I do have. I don’t want to be insecure, cause I don’t know what for! (lol 1D). But I do try to make the best of life by following my dreams and having fun, so that’s why I made this blog! You can’t change the person you really are, so why can’t you just accept yourself for who you are? Of course you can experiment on yourself with makeup and new styles of clothing and what not, but you’ll always be the person you really are on the inside and out.

I am not only going to talk about lacking self-confidence, but also about having too much as well. To be honest, I sometimes think of myself too highly and may be narcissistic in terms of how I look. I used to always think of myself as super pretty. But once I realized I’m not SUPER pretty, I could stop trying to be. A lot of the time, I walk around with a lot of confidence thinking that people are looking at me because I’m pretty, but I was seriously WAY too narcissistic about that. Of course I would say that I’m beautiful, because everyone is beautiful. It wasn’t even that I thought I was beautiful, it was that I thought I was pretty. Like hot-pretty. Now that I type this, I even feel super narcissistic. Okay the point is, even though you should have self-confidence, you shouldn’t be like SUPER narcissistic like I used to be. It just hurts yourself. My sister (who is super cynical) by the way always made fun of me because I was SO narcissistic, and I feel like some of my friends did, too (I think…I have bad memory, I don’t really remember). Of course this hurt MY self-confidence, so it was best to stop thinking of myself as a king.

I guess there is a just a limit between being insecure and narcissistic…I don’t know. These are just some of my thoughts.

I’m guessing you don’t want to read any of my weird thoughts anymore, so… THE END.

But just to let you know, I will be posting some of my other thoughts in the future, because what’s the point of a blogger that has no bias in life (haha)?

Thanks for following my blog! ~Angela


31 thoughts on “Self Confidence?

  1. Hi
    *skip skip* ooh look, I want to read this *skip skip* Oh, that’s cool

  2. Wait, you said everyone is beautiful.
    uhm, you accidentally counted an extra person.
    make sure you don’t accidentally count me again 😀

  3. ღღღנяƒღღღ

    Reblogged this on Bunny Town and commented:
    ❤ True that, ABC pershun. 😉

  4. @Angela
    U R PRETTY! everyones pretty in their own way! and i kinda agree… im not exactly what you would call beautiful i hav the same color hair as a black leather couch and i hav horrible skin

  5. Nice point there 😉
    I’ll keep that in min ::3 (<—ALIEN CAT :O)

  6. Hmm, I found this post really interesting!

  7. ♩♪♫ Eva ♫♪♩

    This is so true ^^ And you were wrong about one part, though. You said: ‘I’m guessing you don’t want to read any of my weird thoughts anymore, so… THE END.’ You guessed wrong, I like reading c:

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