I am really into being fit and sports because I do competitive synchronized skating. Well you don’t just *flips hair* become the national champion. Besides being on the ice a lot, we also do much conditioning off ice including running, stretching, and work-outs. So of course, I love to look snazzy while working out.

My favorite stores for shopping for sports clothes is Nike, Lululemon, and Forever 21(for cheap stuff)

Nike has the best shoes. They have them for all types of running and working out. They also look pretty awesome. Their stuff is kind of expensive, but they have really good clothing for working out.

I actually have these pink and black shoes. (cost $95 on though :O )

sporty outfit black and pink sporty outfit blue and grey

nike outfit 2 nike outfit

Lululemon is more of a yoga store, but lululemon jackets, headbands, and pants are popular among us figure skaters. Lululemon is also really expensive, it’s more of a luxury brand. These are some of my favorite items.

Blue Moon Free To Be Bra $42

Blue Moon Free To Be Bra $42

Black Wunder Under Pant $82

Black Wunder Under Pant $82


Black Forme Jacket $108

Black Forme Jacket $108

Black Swiftly Tech Racerback *Shortcut $48

Black Swiftly Tech Racerback *Shortcut $48

White Fly Away Tamer Headband $12

White Fly Away Tamer Headband $12

Now Forever 21. I just LOVE that store. Every piece of sporty clothing they have is so cheap and so cute! I really recommend it, even over the “brand names” of Lululemon and Nike. Who cares if the brand is written all over your outfit if you can have good quality, cuter, cheaper versions? These are some of the super cute stuff at Forever 21:

Black Hidden Pocket Workout Shorts $11.80

Black Hidden Pocket Workout Shorts $11.80

Black/Teal Long Sleeve Run Top $17.80

Black/Teal Long Sleeve Run Top $17.80

Ok these sports bras are SO cute.

Medium Impact - Crisscross Strap Sports Bra $13.80

Medium Impact – Crisscross Strap Sports Bra $13.80

Charcoal Mélange Running Jacket $27.80

Charcoal Mélange Running Jacket $27.80

Another good brand is Underarmour. They have a lot of colorful, various clothing, and are moderately expensive.

underarour workout outfit

underarour workout outfit 2

Adidas is also a really good brand. They have a wide variety of high-quality clothing that looks really good on anyone’s body. It is mostly fitted clothing, which I like cause it shows your body shape really defined. Adidas is also cheaper than Underarmour in general, but still more expensive than Forever 21 (everything is).

adidas outfit 2 adidas outfit

Well that’s pretty much all the good brands of sports clothing I know. Give or take a few. I’m just one of those people that ALWAYS want to look good, especially in sports when I am all sweaty and tired!

From this list of brands, this is my verdict of BEST to NOT THE BEST…(don’t want to say worst, cause they all are awesome!)

1. Forever 21– cute, cheap, good quality!

2. Lululemon– peer pressure from my synchronized skating team…I ❤ name brands

3. Nike– LOVE their shoes! But a bit expensive

4. Adidas– cheap, various, high-quality, super cute ;D

5. Underarmour– a bit expensive, but still super cute!

Hope you enjoyed my post! Now I have to go study for finals!


6 thoughts on “Athletica

  1. I got a Nike jacket that cost $34.99 😮

    I never thought my Mom would buy it, cause you know dey be rollin’ like “Yo, I’m a cheap Asian”

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