My Thoughts On Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that like seriously affects everyone. You might be like “hah, no.” but you have to admit, it even has affected YOU. Sometimes peer pressure is okay, like when you are jogging a marathon and your teammates encourage you to keep going, but it usually doesn’t impose a positive effect on you. The reason I bring up this subject is because sometimes it just gets ridiculous. And I mean SERIOUSLY ridiculous. It especially has affected me.

Have you ever had your teachers or some guest speaker talk about never giving in when your peers ask you to try this drug or smoke one cigarette or drink a beer? You might have thought, “I’m not stupid enough to do that stuff!” In my opinion, that is on a seriously high scale of peer pressure. There is also simple small-scale peer pressure like wearing different clothes or dyeing your hair or even writing in a different style. Okay so one thing that really affected me is wearing like the super expensive brand name clothing, especially Lululemon. Ice skating is not a cheap sport you know, so only a bit richer people can do this sport professionally. Let me just say it probably wasn’t a good idea to be so involved in ice skating, because my family had to cut down in many things because it’s so expensive. Anyway, my synchronized skating team has a lot of rich people, and of course my sister and I are not a part of the rich posse. I’m not trying to make them sound like snotty rich people; they are really nice, but they  have A LOT of Lululemon clothing. From headbands to jackets to sports bras, they got the whole package. I try fitting in to my team, so I spent A LOT of money just on a few things from Lululemon. I don’t regret it, but giving in to peer pressure wasn’t the right thing to do. I should’ve just accepted my rank in society and moved on. Another thing that really persuaded me to change was of course looking prettier. Everyone changes as they get older, and I feel like I have to start looking prettier, too. All these girls at school are looking beautiful and I’m just like “…I need to catch up with them….”. I straighten my hair like 5 times a week (seriously don’t do that, it’s SERIOUSLY bad for your hair), and a lot of the time I wear some makeup. Not only do I want other people to think I am not UGLY, I also want to feel better about myself. This type of peer pressure may boost confidence, but may also change the person you really are.

Since I don’t really know what else to say…be yourself! Think for yourself! Have imagination! Just because other people do things and follow some stereotypes in society, doesn’t mean you should too!


3 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Peer Pressure

  1. I have to admit, same with me.
    The popular people would always laugh at *sometimes* stupid stuff but changed me for not making me rude.
    I did what they did, trying to be popular, hanging out with them, and they made me not rude.
    I’m kind of still like that but some changes:
    I don’t really laugh at stupid stuff anymore and I don’t try to be popular
    So yeah
    Nice point there

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