Outfit of the Day

Well if you haven’t noticed, I usually post outfit of the days on days where I don’t have much time to post on the blog.

Anyway, I chose this outfit for outfit of the day.

ootd fob

I really like the how the denim vest matches with the jeans, but I don’t really like how the vest would look on the sweater…. This type of sweater is meant to be worn alone mostly, I don’t think it would look very good under the vest. I also like converse because…I own those exact shoes and they match with pretty much everything! I like the rose earrings too, they are super cute!

And that Polaroid… lets just say people at my school would call it a “FOB” accessory. I love taking pictures and everything, but the way I see people with this camera, it makes me think cliche, fobby, mainstream…

What do you think about this outfit?


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. ♒ Titania Heartfilia ♒

    you’re very good at fashion !

  2. I have the EXACT SAME shoes……..

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