Unity Day

Sorry I haven’t been posting recently guys! I have been SO busy with schoolwork. But finally, it is almost Thanksgiving break and I have time to start the “Makeup” page and post more!

So what is unity day? Well it is a day that my school has where all sophomores get together in the gym and “unite”. Basically, we say our feelings and our problems and what-not so people will understand us better and recognize sophomores as a family, not just a grade level. Well I really thought that it was going to be a cheesy motivational team-bonding type games day and that everyone would end up crying. I also heard last year, everyone actually did end up in tears. First, a motivational speaker came in to lecture us on this Unity Day concept. Then we played a few team-bonding games where we met sophomores we never really met before. Then after that, we got in little groups and shared our feelings and issues in life.

Well the point of this post is to tell you guys what I learned at Unity Day. First of all, I learned not to judge people on how they look. I honestly am really judgmental because well…I’m just really into appearance. I love nice and stylish clothes and makeup and hair. I love guys that wear khakis and collared shirts and awesome shoes. It’s just one of my interests. I shouldn’t judge people so much because I don’t know what they really are like. I wouldn’t know if they lost a loved one, lived in a divorced household, did drugs, cut themselves, etc. Once my group shared with me their actual experiences in life, I felt really bad for judging them. I didn’t know their story, so why would I have a right to judge them? Everyone had their own share of bad experiences in their life, and I should be considerate of that.

Next, I learned how life isn’t just about the bad experiences in life. It’s also about the good experiences. I should be so thankful that I can live the life that I live now. I have clothes that I like, I have this blog, I have you guys, I have more than I could ever ask for! Why should I remember life because of the bad experiences? I should remember the good memories; hanging out with friends, going to the beach, going to ice skating competitions, writing on my blog, shopping, eating dinner with my family, and so on. I would love to look back on this time and remember all these things! What I don’t want to remember is how I fought with my parents so much, how I always argued with my sister, how much I dislikes specific people, etc. Of course those experiences will always be in my mind, but they should run my life.

The last thing I learned is that my grade, my friends, my enemies, my school; we are all a family. I may dislike or like people more than others, but that shouldn’t change family. We see each other 5 days a week for 7 hours a day, we have become a family. These people have been in my life for such a long time and I should love them. As much as some people have hurt me or ruined some of my high school experiences or hated me, I shouldn’t let that get to me. I shouldn’t be a reclusive girl who can only think about hating. I will never forget these people(well maybe I will because I have bad memory…) and this family has really shaped me. The good part of me.

I thank you guys, the followers, so much for following my blog! You guys are the BEST and I can’t even say how thankful I am for your support! You guys have convinced me to start up my blog again and keep it running! I love you guys so much! And no matter how much I get criticized for this blog or how much hate I get for it, I will always love you guys and keep running this blog until the very end!

XOXO ~Angela


Favorite Outfit

One of my favorite outfits during the winter/fall is a top with black leggings and high-top converse :

black leggings and high top converse 2

black leggings and high top converse

Why? Well I like how it looks a bit sporty and tomboyish. This combination matches with almost every top and always looks super cute. I don’t like always looking girly and what-not, so adding a relaxed sporty outfit day to the week makes adds much more variety.

Some of favorite tops to go with high-top converse and black leggings are loose and over-sized sweaters, sporty-style shirts, crop tops and cardigans, a t-shirt and a jacket, or just a plain top.

Over-sized sweater

loose sweater

Leather Jacket

top and leather jacket

Crop Top and Cardigan

crop top and cardigan

As you can see, black leggings and high-top converse can pretty much go with anything! And it still looks awesome. Not only that, black leggings are sold anywhere and are super cheap, so go buy yourself a pair! Converse…I’m pretty sure everyone knows where to buy converse! This will definitely be a Black Friday outfit that I will buy!

XOXO ~Angela

Outfit of the Day

I am in love with this outfit! I wish I could have it ❤

It’s fall. It’s hot in So Cal. Kind of. Not really. It got cold by the end of today. So here would be a lovely outfit to blend the feelings of warm autumn and the cold fall season!

ootd fall 2

Maybe I’ll buy this outfit when I go Black Friday shopping 🙂

Makeup Education?

Well, today I received some makeup in the mail, so I am so excited to try them! I ordered Motives by Loren Ridinger cream concealer and luxe precision eyeliner in jet black. The only reason my mom bought these for me(for free) is because she is running a little business thing and gets rebate if she buys Motives brand makeup 🙂

Anyway, I realized that I know basically NOTHING about makeup. How the heck am I supposed to run a beauty/fashion blog if I know nothing about makeup? So I just spent like the last two hours watching videos on Youtube on how to apply eye shadow, mascara, concealer, eyeliner, etc. I actually learned a lot! So instead of personally watching videos for 2 hours, let me educate you! But I do warn you, since I am Asian, this educational experience will mainly be based around monolids and Asian type of eyes.

Well now that I think of it, this would make a great page! I think I will just make a page on makeup instead. This makeup page will tell you all the basics about makeup. I won’t start off like “So first apply foundation,” I’ll start off with something like “so what is foundation?” The audience for this blog is relatively young, so I bet not many know a thing about makeup. If you are interested, keep on the lookout for this new page!

Since this post looks empty…I’ll just put some random pictures of makeup to go along with it…

smoky eyes

smokey eyes asian

rainbow eye makeup

rainbow eye makeup 2

monolid makeup 2 monolid makeup 1

And I just had to say this. I really love makeup ❤

Outfit of the Day

Guess what day is it almost? Black Friday!!! Guess what that means?! I finally get to go clothes shopping!

So this year, I am going to make a list of the clothes I want to buy. One outfit I see around school a lot is a cropped t-shirt with a black maxi skirt. It’s mainstream, but I want to buy it anyway ❤

I just think it’s SO cute!!!

maxi skirt and crop top

Anyway, I’m updating the blog and what-not as you can tell. Do you like the little collage slide thing at the top of the homepage? It makes me feel so nostalgic for the beach!!! I love the socal feeling it has to it :3

Anyway, since I am making a legit list of clothes I want to buy, I will soon probably post more things I want to buy so I don’t forget!

XOXO ~Angela

Wear What You Know?

What’s the purpose of wearing nice clothes?

Well duh, I want to look good. Not just so I can be knows as a fashionista but also feel good about myself.

How do you find good clothes?

Well when I go shopping, I just pick what’s cute and buy it.

Even if the design on the clothes means nothing to you?

Well yea, I just want to look cute. And if people admire the design, that’s a bonus!

So the real question is, why would people judge you on what you wear, just because you don’t know every little detail about what you’re wearing? Clothes are clothes. For example, my sister has a Beatles shirt. She doesn’t know all their names or what most of their songs sound like, but she has a good idea. Well then why do people still accuse her of wearing something she doesn’t “know”? Not only does it hurt her confidence, but it downgrades what she thinks of her own wardrobe.

beatles tank top

It’s a cute shirt right? Yeah, that’s why she wears it. But why does she have to be fooled into thinking that wearing something she doesn’t know all that well is bad? And that people will hate it? She should be able to wear what she wants and not be judged. I can bet this model knows who the Beatles are, but not LOVES them to death and knows all their songs and chart toppers right? She simply looks good in it.

Another example. I own a Lakers shirt. I like the Lakers, but don’t remember any of their names. I occasionally watch basketball, but usually don’t even watch television. I always root for the Lakers when they are playing. So I bought this super cute shirt from Old Navy. It looks some what like this.

lakers shirt

Well, I really like it. I may not know all the players on the team, but I sure know I the Lakers are my favorite team. So why judge me? I know you shouldn’t care what people say, but these are my friends. Not only that, they do it repeatedly to my sister and I.

Well if you’re reading my blog, friends, here’s a note. Stop judging me. No one ever liked it that way. You can wear what you want, and I will wear what I want. No matter how much I DON’T know about the shirt I’m wearing, I WILL wear it.

That’s just who I am.

XOXO ~Angela

Homecoming 2013

Remember a long time ago when I asked what dress I should wear for homecoming? Well it was FINALLY homecoming on November 2nd, so here are the picture of my friends and I. Do you know which one I am? Would you wear any of these to homecoming?

homecoming pics 2


homecoming 2