This year, I went as a cow for Halloween and my twin sister went as an elephant.

I didn’t go full-out footie pajamas but rather just a cow print shirt, black shorts, cow socks, a cow hat, and white vans. Who says you couldn’t look stylish in a Halloween costume? Try to guess which one I am, because if you can’t, my halloween costume isn’t very good…

halloween 2013


17 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. The second from the left
    o-o the third one looks like you o-o
    you look alike

  2. omg ur sister and you look so ALIKE ❤
    im so jealous
    i want a sister cx

  3. You’re the second one :3
    And your twin does look like you o-o

  4. ♒ Skylar Heartfilia ♒

    Pretty ❤ You and your twin are gorgeous!

  5. You are the 2nd one i see that your sister is your twin LOL

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