Wear What You Know?

What’s the purpose of wearing nice clothes?

Well duh, I want to look good. Not just so I can be knows as a fashionista but also feel good about myself.

How do you find good clothes?

Well when I go shopping, I just pick what’s cute and buy it.

Even if the design on the clothes means nothing to you?

Well yea, I just want to look cute. And if people admire the design, that’s a bonus!

So the real question is, why would people judge you on what you wear, just because you don’t know every little detail about what you’re wearing? Clothes are clothes. For example, my sister has a Beatles shirt. She doesn’t know all their names or what most of their songs sound like, but she has a good idea. Well then why do people still accuse her of wearing something she doesn’t “know”? Not only does it hurt her confidence, but it downgrades what she thinks of her own wardrobe.

beatles tank top

It’s a cute shirt right? Yeah, that’s why she wears it. But why does she have to be fooled into thinking that wearing something she doesn’t know all that well is bad? And that people will hate it? She should be able to wear what she wants and not be judged. I can bet this model knows who the Beatles are, but not LOVES them to death and knows all their songs and chart toppers right? She simply looks good in it.

Another example. I own a Lakers shirt. I like the Lakers, but don’t remember any of their names. I occasionally watch basketball, but usually don’t even watch television. I always root for the Lakers when they are playing. So I bought this super cute shirt from Old Navy. It looks some what like this.

lakers shirt

Well, I really like it. I may not know all the players on the team, but I sure know I the Lakers are my favorite team. So why judge me? I know you shouldn’t care what people say, but these are my friends. Not only that, they do it repeatedly to my sister and I.

Well if you’re reading my blog, friends, here’s a note. Stop judging me. No one ever liked it that way. You can wear what you want, and I will wear what I want. No matter how much I DON’T know about the shirt I’m wearing, I WILL wear it.

That’s just who I am.

XOXO ~Angela


One thought on “Wear What You Know?

  1. ♩♪♫ Eva ♫♪♩

    Yeah, I agree ^^ People shouldn’t be judged for just what they wear >.<

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