Outfit of the Day

Guess what day is it almost? Black Friday!!! Guess what that means?! I finally get to go clothes shopping!

So this year, I am going to make a list of the clothes I want to buy. One outfit I see around school a lot is a cropped t-shirt with a black maxi skirt. It’s mainstream, but I want to buy it anyway ❤

I just think it’s SO cute!!!

maxi skirt and crop top

Anyway, I’m updating the blog and what-not as you can tell. Do you like the little collage slide thing at the top of the homepage? It makes me feel so nostalgic for the beach!!! I love the socal feeling it has to it :3

Anyway, since I am making a legit list of clothes I want to buy, I will soon probably post more things I want to buy so I don’t forget!

XOXO ~Angela


4 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day

  1. Yah, it’s really cute <33

  2. ♩♪♫ Eva ♫♪♩

    Oh my god, I love the slideshow ❤ How did you make it show up there? ;o And yeah, I love the skirt trend but I can't pull it off in this freezing weather, and it is a little overused by some girls at my school :c

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