Makeup Education?

Well, today I received some makeup in the mail, so I am so excited to try them! I ordered Motives by Loren Ridinger cream concealer and luxe precision eyeliner in jet black. The only reason my mom bought these for me(for free) is because she is running a little business thing and gets rebate if she buys Motives brand makeup 🙂

Anyway, I realized that I know basically NOTHING about makeup. How the heck am I supposed to run a beauty/fashion blog if I know nothing about makeup? So I just spent like the last two hours watching videos on Youtube on how to apply eye shadow, mascara, concealer, eyeliner, etc. I actually learned a lot! So instead of personally watching videos for 2 hours, let me educate you! But I do warn you, since I am Asian, this educational experience will mainly be based around monolids and Asian type of eyes.

Well now that I think of it, this would make a great page! I think I will just make a page on makeup instead. This makeup page will tell you all the basics about makeup. I won’t start off like “So first apply foundation,” I’ll start off with something like “so what is foundation?” The audience for this blog is relatively young, so I bet not many know a thing about makeup. If you are interested, keep on the lookout for this new page!

Since this post looks empty…I’ll just put some random pictures of makeup to go along with it…

smoky eyes

smokey eyes asian

rainbow eye makeup

rainbow eye makeup 2

monolid makeup 2 monolid makeup 1

And I just had to say this. I really love makeup ❤


4 thoughts on “Makeup Education?

  1. OMG yes!!! That would be a great idea! I always try to find videos online that go through a makeup tutorial explaining each product. This would be VERY useful for me. You’re really good at explaining things too 🙂

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