Favorite Outfit

One of my favorite outfits during the winter/fall is a top with black leggings and high-top converse :

black leggings and high top converse 2

black leggings and high top converse

Why? Well I like how it looks a bit sporty and tomboyish. This combination matches with almost every top and always looks super cute. I don’t like always looking girly and what-not, so adding a relaxed sporty outfit day to the week makes adds much more variety.

Some of favorite tops to go with high-top converse and black leggings are loose and over-sized sweaters, sporty-style shirts, crop tops and cardigans, a t-shirt and a jacket, or just a plain top.

Over-sized sweater

loose sweater

Leather Jacket

top and leather jacket

Crop Top and Cardigan

crop top and cardigan

As you can see, black leggings and high-top converse can pretty much go with anything! And it still looks awesome. Not only that, black leggings are sold anywhere and are super cheap, so go buy yourself a pair! Converse…I’m pretty sure everyone knows where to buy converse! This will definitely be a Black Friday outfit that I will buy!

XOXO ~Angela


4 thoughts on “Favorite Outfit

  1. I love converse shoes! I have like 2 pairs xD
    I think they go with everything too! If we didn’t have black in this world i don’t know how the world would survive for fashion

  2. Omg, cute. Lol, I’m getting those shoes in the first pic today.

  3. Sorry haven’t been commenting.
    Anyways, I love converse but my Dad literally chopped mine in half (long story).
    The shirts, eh.

  4. I’ve been wanting a leather jacket for so long now! They’re pricey though. It’s a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I love the edginess it gives to an outfit!

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