Outfit of the Day

Ever since around Christmas Day, San Diego has been ABNORMALLY warm and sunny for winter. It has been cloudless all week, and the temperatures rise to like 80 degrees during the day. So many people actually went to the beach and it feels so much like summer.

So a few days ago, I went to this rock that is shaped like a “potato chip” and it was really hot on that day. So I wanted to post a cute and sporty outfit for like summertime since the weather is so nice! My mom even claims it looks like the background is photoshopped since it is so blue.

Me at Potato Chip Rock

Me at Potato Chip Rock

Anyway, here is my outfit of the day.

I was searching online and I found this really cute relatively cheap athletic clothing store. It’s kind of like Pink, it’s just clothes with words on it. But oh it is so cute. The site is called blogilates.com

Check out some of the super cute stuff they have!

Ahh I’m already in love with this store!!! Anyway…Happy New Year!



Merry Christmas!

Well this post is a bit off date but…Merry Christmas!

And I got them boots I wanted so much for Christmas! They are Bearpaw, not Ugg, but they are super cute and high quality just the same, yet cheaper!

DSC_0453 DSC_0455

Happy holidays my friends.


My (Very Messed Up) Makeup Life

This is pretty much the timeline of the last few weeks where I tried to use eye shadow and make it look casual. I usually don’t wear eye shadow, but I have always found it interesting. When my friend gave my sister an eye makeup kit for Christmas, I wanted to try it out. The result was a mix of grey, sparkles, and a big ugly mess.



I realized I was going to have to try really hard to improve. On the plane ride back from Michigan a week or two ago, my friend wanted to do my makeup on the plane…but I said she would have to let me do her makeup if I were to let her do my makeup. Well truth is, she is good at makeup and I am not. I also ended up doing makeup on my sister. The lighting looked pretty cool on the plane so she took a few pictures.

me n leah photo (2) photo (3) photo

That turned out pretty bad, too…

Well my last makeup adventure was 2 days ago when I went to Julian to buy pie(they are known for there pie apparently). I decided to do a nice, dark look. After I was done, I thought I did pretty well. I asked my sister and my mom if my face scared them, and they both were like YEP. Well the makeup I had done made me look like I was going to a club or something…not the best day makeup… I realized my face scared myself, too…

image (1) imageI guess the moral of my makeup life is that I won’t be doing an eye shadow tutorial anytime soon…




All I Want For Christmas…

First of all, I appreciate you guys so much, and I absolutely love my family and friends! I couldn’t ask for anything more, but I just wanted to post something that I would love to get this season.


Even though my friends would call these “stereotypical white girl” things, I don’t really give an F. Anyway, one of the reasons I want these is that they look SUPER comfortable and cute, you can wear them with any outfit, and I never had a pair of Uggs before!

Another thing is that when I travel with my ice skating team or go to competitions, they either allow us to wear Uggs or tennis shoes. I love my tennis shoes and all, but I honestly am sick of looking like a soccer player or whatever when I walk around. I rather look and be comfortable in Uggs! The Uggs I want are “Bailey Button Boots” in Chestnut.

bailey button boot

These are just the dang cutest shoes ever! But the only complaint my parents have for not buying these for me is that they are SUPER overpriced. $160 my butt! I wouldn’t even mind getting fake ones, I just love this style. Just look at how cute they look on anyone!

wearing ugg bailey boo Laura Harring On The Set Of Gossip Girl wearing ugg bailey boot 3

Seriously, they look good on anyone with anything! Another type of Ugg I love, but not as much as the Bailey Button Boots, is the Classic Short in Chestnut.

ugg classic short chestnut

These are also quite expensive, but I would say that most people choose to buy this style and color.

classic short wearing 2

classic short wearing 3 classic short wearing

Well that’s it for my must-have-shoes list for winter. I just has to have Uggs, they are the most wonderful boots ever!



Outfit of the Day

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I have SO much work this week. And I’m going to Michigan tommorow 🙂

So I went Black Friday shopping, and I hope soon I will get to post what I bought. For now, I will just post some outfits I love. This is the first time I went Black Friday shopping with a list and pictures of what I wanted to buy, and one of my favorite outfits is this one. I have many outfits that look similar to this, and I really love the feeling. It gives me a feeling of sunny San Diego in the winter, with bright and warm sunlight and fashionistas everywhere. I just love it 🙂

fall outfit

Sorry, I guess that’s all I have for now. I promise after midterms I will post more often!