My (Very Messed Up) Makeup Life

This is pretty much the timeline of the last few weeks where I tried to use eye shadow and make it look casual. I usually don’t wear eye shadow, but I have always found it interesting. When my friend gave my sister an eye makeup kit for Christmas, I wanted to try it out. The result was a mix of grey, sparkles, and a big ugly mess.



I realized I was going to have to try really hard to improve. On the plane ride back from Michigan a week or two ago, my friend wanted to do my makeup on the plane…but I said she would have to let me do her makeup if I were to let her do my makeup. Well truth is, she is good at makeup and I am not. I also ended up doing makeup on my sister. The lighting looked pretty cool on the plane so she took a few pictures.

me n leah photo (2) photo (3) photo

That turned out pretty bad, too…

Well my last makeup adventure was 2 days ago when I went to Julian to buy pie(they are known for there pie apparently). I decided to do a nice, dark look. After I was done, I thought I did pretty well. I asked my sister and my mom if my face scared them, and they both were like YEP. Well the makeup I had done made me look like I was going to a club or something…not the best day makeup… I realized my face scared myself, too…

image (1) imageI guess the moral of my makeup life is that I won’t be doing an eye shadow tutorial anytime soon…





8 thoughts on “My (Very Messed Up) Makeup Life

  1. The picture above the last picture is so cute. You are so pretty ❤ And I think you are good a eyeshadow. The eyeliner made the makeup look so cute 🙂 Also do you have an instagram.

  2. Lol actually, it’s pretty good! Trust me, there are a bunch of times when I will apply eyeshadow and make it look like I had an allergy or something :).

  3. If you want eyeshadow to look casual you should try going for softer and less dramatic colors, such as black, purple, blue and green. Go with a warm pinkish orange or light shades of brown with darker shades of brown on the edges. 🙂

  4. I think you did a really good job! A million times better than when I first started! I think that golds/purples would look really pretty on you as well! Just keep on trying, soon you’ll be able to get the hang of it more! With trial and error, you can only improve from there, right?

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