My Thoughts On Narcissists

What is a narcissist? Well in Greek mythology, there was a mortal named Narcissus. He was extremely attractive, and all the wood nymphs swooned over him. The thing was, he only loved one person; himself. He felt no one was good enough for him, and that he was perfect. When he caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the water, he instantly fell in love and became entranced. He stared at the water, eating no food and drinking no water, and died in grief. In modern times, “Narcissists” are described as vain people who admire too much their physical/mental attributes, and they are arrogant and think of themselves as the best.

In my eyes, narcissists are those people who lead the cliques at school like they are queen bees, who are only engrossed in their selves and what they say/do, who don’t care about anyone but themselves, who don’t DO anything but for their own benefit, who are bossy and sassy, who believes you should listen to everything they say, who criticizes and never compliments anyone, and who wouldn’t give a second thought about you leaving forever. I can name many people with these attributes, every single one of them. These are first hand examples of the acts of people I believe are narcissists:

1. Whenever they are the ones not talking, they are not listening or paying attention.

2. They are always on their phones, especially when anyone else is speaking.

3. They don’t even look at you when you are talking to them.

4. They always tell you what to do and expect you to obey, and if you don’t, they make you sound like the bad guy.

5. They are sore losers, meaning they won’t admit loss/defeat or that they are wrong.

6. They don’t even listen to you half of the time.

7. They are always taking pictures of themselves either on their own phones or another person’s phones.

8. They feel they can take your stuff without asking or ruin your stuff without apologizing.

9. This one is kind of stupid, but it annoys me a lot: When you are standing in a circle of friends, they keep standing IN FRONT of other people, like they are more important and need to be seen.

10. When a group of friends are walking in a line, they always have to be in the middle. (That one annoys me a lot, too)

11. They always want to be heard.

I could go on and on, but then the list would reach the other side of the world. My point is that people really need to be more aware of their acts and choices. One day, these narcissists just need to sit down and re-evaluate their choices, how they act, how they talk. I am typing this in a very biased way, and I know that for sure. The only reason I am writing this is because I’m sick and tired of these type of people. I DO try to do acts of kindness, I DO try to be nice, I really try. And the more I try, the more I notice these queen bees sticking out trying to run the pack. Our “clique” shouldn’t be a hierarchy, but it sure feels like it.


7 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Narcissists

  1. Oh I know that! Doesn’t Echo fall in love with him? cx
    This is so true.

  2. ѕℓυѕнι ಠ_ಠ

    regina george

  3. 12. Think they’re always right
    13. When you ask them a question they either ignore you, if they don’t know, they’re sassy, or they just become mean

  4. Ohmygosh, Percy Jackson…Narcissus…lololol♥

  5. yukk i hate ppl like this…. u shud make more of these types of posts! i rlly like readin them

  6. People that are narcissistic will probably end up with no friends sooner or later. That’s the time they’ll realize the universe doesn’t revolve around them and that focusing on yourself 24/7 gets you nowhere but put you in a position where everybody will hate you. I think another example of a narcissist is somebody that’s a hypocrite. For example, if somebody does something that annoys them, it’s apparently horrible and should be broadcasted to the world to hear. But they can do the exact same thing but it’s apparently okay and nobody mentions it? Or whenever they feel the need to talk bad about other people and make it seem like it’s no big deal, but make it an extremely big deal when others are talking bad about them.

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