Help Needed

As you have probably noticed already, I am not consistently posting on this blog. I have been so busy (and lazy) lately that I only post every so often. So I think I want to hire 1 or 2 writers for my blog. I will not be in a rush to hire anyone. It could be likely that I am not going to hire anyone.

*Some changes made, please read carefully.

Requirements(Not completely required)

These are required qualities, please email me which one you LACK if you are missing some along with your submission

1. Must be 12+ years old, I am looking for mature writers.

2. Must have a WordPress account.

3. Must have a WordPress blog that is at least 6 months old with consistent posts, I will be checking this for blogging skills.

4. Must be able to post at least 5 times a week.

What I Am Looking For

These are skills/qualities that I am looking for in a person, but are not required.

1. Good art, fashion, or photography skills.

2. Good personality, open about them self, willing to tell me some personal information (name, location, etc.)

3. Well written posts, good grammar, excellent blogging skills.

4. Interested in hair, makeup, beauty, as well as fashion and clothes.

5. Lives in Southern California, since this blog is called “SoCalSpirit”

6. Many social media connections i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

7. Around the same age as me (14 or 15)

8. Knows a lot about clothing websites, fashion magazines, fashion icons, fashion websites, celebrity fashion, etc.

How to Apply

 You must fill out entire submission. Please write with your best and most professional vocabulary and grammar. Email me at with:

1. Full name, age, city, state, email.

Ex. Angela Zhou, 15. San Diego, CA

2. WordPress username and WordPress blog.

Ex. Username: caseycow101 Blog:

3. Special skills you possess and some examples of your work, for example photography, digital art, or hand-drawn art.

Ex. I consider myself a mediocre artist. I do works on mainly fictional characters from animated films or book series. I am also interested in photography, but I am an amateur and I usually do not have time to do much photography.

4. Interests in fashion/beauty, such as Youtube beauty channels, magazines, clothing websites, makeup websites, celebrity icons, other fashion blogs you may follow, favorite brands of clothing, favorite makeup, etc. (This should be the bulk of your submission. I will mainly be judging your profile on what you write here).

A Short example: My favorite beauty channel on Youtube is Michelle Pham’s. I love fashion and teen magazines such as Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. I am interested in many clothing websites, but my favorites are Forever 21, Lululemon, Brandy Melville, and Urban Outfitters. I love doing my hair and styling it. Straightening my hair is something I do a lot, and I also love braiding and curling it. I don’t do that much makeup, but I do love doing eyeliner. I am in love with tumblr fashion and everything mainstream about fashion. Living in Southern California gives me the atmosphere and excitement of dressing like a California girl, with my high-waisted shorts and cropped tops, living near the beach and relaxing.

5. Why do you think you are the most illegible for this position on my blog. Please be honest.

Ex. I think I am the most illegible for this position because I have a fashion blog that I consistently post on, and an Instagram for fashion. I also love looking at clothes in my spare time and going shopping.

6. Things you do outside of the internet; sports, hobbies, interests, etc.

Ex. I like to do synchronized ice skating and drawing. I also love up-cycling clothing and reading books. Most of the time, I just study for school, but in my spare time I do a lot of things on the internet, such as blogging, going on Tumblr, chatting with friends on Facebook, and playing games on my phone. I play the piano, and I love collecting plastic bags from the places that I go shopping at.

7. What do you want me to know about you? What is special about you?

Ex. I am unique because I love cows, I have a twin sister, and I do synchronized ice skating, a sport not many people know about. 

Once you send me an email, I will determine if you fit the requirements and are illegible for posting on my blog. I will then invite you to do trial blogging on my trial blog, Post as often as you can, but no more than once a day, about stuff you would post on my blog. It can only be related to fashion, clothes, beauty, or anything socalspirit is about, maybe even your thoughts on society and videos. I will also email you things that I want you to post about, and you can spice it up anyway you want. I will judge your blogging skills and abilities on this blog, and by the beginning to middle of March, I will determine if you are going to be a writer on my blog. I will also comment and give you feedback on the things you post on the trial blog.


Good luck, and I hope you are interested in writing for my blog!


30 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. Aw man.. I live in Northern California 😦

  2. *eligible (﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡) illegible means too unclear to read


  4. Some of these are unfair, in my opinion. Many people can’t tell personal information, loaction, etc.

  5. ~ ♡ ✿ ☯ ⓚⓐⓣ ☯ ✿ ♡ ~

    What if we are younger than 12 and want to apply? Can you like, judge on our applications and then base it on age?

  6. ѕℓυѕнι ಠ_ಠ

    I have all the requirements but I don’t do well with working on other blogs, because I tend to update my blog and let the owners update their own. turning 13 in less than a month though, c: and I live nowhere near southern california I live on the total opposite side, I love in the northeastern part of the US

  7. ❤☾❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤

    Ehhhhh… Okie. I’ve been working on recolors like 24/7 since sometimes my internet is shut down or something.. I’m not at least twelve and I don’t live near California.. I live on the East Coast. ;-; I basically fit mostly everyone except these.

  8. Would we have to post pictures of ourselves?

  9. Hey so l want to co own but idk I don’t really feel like filling out the form lol 🙂 but I will if you want me to

  10. ღ вrooĸlyn ღ

    I really love Fashion, truth is I’m obsessed with it. But I don’t match many requirements like I don’t live in Southern California, I’m not 15 but I’m mature and I have good grammar, I go to high school.

  11. Ditch that other comment, nothing was true there bec. I don’t know if I should give out personal info. Anyways, where in Southern California do you live? I live at San Diego, California. Is that anywhere near you?

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