Why You Shouldn’t Use Etsy


What is Etsy? It’s a website where you sell your own creations and anything you want-at a price. They do have quite a few people who sell very good handmade items. The only things you are allowed to sell on Etsy are handmade items and raw materials. It costs 10 cents to just put up a listing, and there is a fee for every item you sell. To sell items, you must have a paypal or a credit card so you can link your shop to it. There is also a monthly fee for your shop, and it is quite expensive. You can contact other shop owners, comment, give feedback, etc. It is kind of like Ebay, but much more expensive to run. 

The Last Straw

There are so many wrong things about this website, and after a few times, I have simply had enough of this corrupt system. The first major thing was when I realized that pretty much every aspect of the website had a price tag on it, and even if you removed or edited a simple item listing, it still cost money. Even when you simply never sold one item, you still had to pay the listing price. They sneak custom charges into your monthly fee, and some time after you don’t pay your monthly fee, they shut down your account. This happened to me. Of course, I payed my outrageous fee of $14 after selling absolutely nothing on the site, but my Etsy store was still shut down. I thought it would take a while for them to reopen it, so I waited around 6 months.

Of course it was foolish of me to wait a whole half year before contacting them, but I decided to be patient. Since my store was never reopened, I emailed Etsy. They completely revoked all my privileges on Etsy, including purchasing and contacting other store owners. It was like I was in exile from the site. They replied to my email saying they gave back my purchasing privileges, but they also said, “Your shop remains closed. Please do not open another shop on Etsy or your account privileges will be permanently revoked.” I asked them why my store was closed forever since I already paid my bill, and they told me it was because I was selling items that didn’t fit Etsy’s “qualifications.”

Well this was completely the last straw for me, because I deleted every single one of my item listings before I payed my bill. I am not even selling one item and they decide to kick me off the site because of a past problem that doesn’t even exist anymore. It doesn’t matter how much success some sellers get on this site, because it is completely corrupt to about 99% of those who don’t have as much success. This website is a pyramid hierarchy with the successful sellers at the top gaining much wealth and success while the others are just paying money for nothing at all.

Other Problems

This is only my personal reason why Etsy is not a site to deal with. Many others as well as myself experience these same problems from Etsy. This is not to say that this is the biggest and worst problem. Oh, there are plenty more. Another reason this site is bad is because of the selling system. There is no way to completely ensure that you can get your item that you buy from someone. So many people have been scammed of money because the only way to contact the seller is by messaging them. When you get scammed of your money, it takes a very long time to verify your case and get your money back; it is a complete waste of time. As many messages as you send to Etsy or the seller, it will take a very long time to get a useful response, or just one at all. 

Etsy is all brawl, and no brain, meaning this website is all aesthetics, but no quality. It may be well designed with a nice, organized theme and color scheme, relaxing fonts and it may look like a professional, trustworthy site, but on the inside it isn’t what it seems. I think Etsy can be easily described like this, “It makes you comfortable and happy to go to hell.” Basically, if you use Etsy, you are going to hell, but at least you feel comfortable. Once you are ‘suspended’ from the site, it will take a very long time to be allowed to reopen. It’s kind of just like take my money and get out of here. Well my language is starting to get really unprofessional, so I guess I will just end there.

Hope I taught you a thing or 2 about why you should NOT use Etsy. ~Angela


6 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Use Etsy

  1. I would’nt dream of it

  2. Can’t you just make another account?

    • No they will catch you. And my debit card is connected to my old Etsy account, and I only have 1…so they’ll know it’s me.

      • Since you use Etsy..
        I’m can redeem any $25 giftcard for Easter, and I want an Etsy one; should I get it?
        I don’t have an account on Etsy, but I really want to buy those cute Percy Jackson necklaces that say “Hunter Of Artemis” or “Daughter Of Athena” or whatever, and I’d love to get orange Camp half blood t-shirts.
        If I make an account, and buy those things with my giftcard; am I forced to pay $14 as a fee or whatever?
        Please reply soon!! xx

      • Probably not, because they only have a high fee for sellers.
        I mean it is good to buy things from Etsy, but I prefer not selling things on there

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