My New Obsession: Beanies

As you have probably noticed, I have a new obsession. And it’s not just beanies, it’s slouchy Neff brand beanies! They are quite expensive for beanies since they are “brand name”, but they are super soft, comfy, and cute! These beanies are unisex, but are more often seen on men. They are quite hipster and swagtastic(did I just say that?).

neff daily grey beanie

$16? Quite a price there.

They look great on all genders!

neff beanie tumblr

neff beanie tumblr1

Much attractive.

neff beanie

How can she make braces look so good?!

The Neff Beanie I like the most is the grey Daily Beanie. It seems like quit a popular style these days, especially on Asian teens, but I have not quite mastered the wearing of the beanie yet. To many, it is like an art, and it must be mastered through practice. There is not simply one way to wear a beanie though. You can wear it over your whole head or wear it over kind of like half of your head, so that the front of your bangs/hair is showing. Another good way to wear a beanie is to not be me.

Now go get yourself a cute beanie 🙂 Anyway, I am going to Denver from Feb. 25(tomorrow) until March 1(Saturday) to Denver for Nationals Synchronized Skating Competition, so I probably won’t post for this whole week. Enjoy the beanie, live while you are young!




7 thoughts on “My New Obsession: Beanies

  1. Can I apply to work here, even if I’m 11? I really want to help out!

  2. certified fangirl

    omf i love beanies

    I have a hat i sorta wear like a beanie

  3. I sent an application for author on your blog 😀

  4. Good luck with our competition!

  5. Neff Beanies are popular, but there’s another alternative. You might know this DIY already, but there’s a YouTuber called Angela’s Choice. She made beanies out of old, never-worn sweaters, scissors, and a hot glue gun! She made around ten that same night because they’re so easy to make! Plus, you can play around with the different patterns and colors. It makes your beanie look unique and chic compared to the plain ones that are around $20-30. They look just as cute for less!

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