What I Have Been Obsessing Over

Now that finals are over, I’m up and running again 🙂

Well it’s that time of the year again. It’s the time of the year where I start buying clothes online endlessly and wasting all of my money because I have a shopping problem. It’s probably because I haven’t actually been clothes shopping since Black Friday, and I am going crazy because I have nothing to wear.

I also suddenly have a Brandy Melville obsession again, and that kind of sucks because everything there is so expensive. Sometimes in my spare time, I just like looking up clothes online…so I have now compiled a list of clothes that I NEED to buy. Here is my list.

1. High Waisted Shorts

$28 shopgracieusa.com

2. Oversized Cardigan

$78 Brandy Melville

$78 Brandy Melville

3. Dolman Cardigan

4. Hoodie

layla hoodie

$36 Brandy Melville

5. Oversized Flannel

$59 Urban Outfitters

$59 Urban Outfitters

6. Graphic Tops

 Hang Loose X crop topbrandy melville topLA Sunsets Tank

I guess this post will be my reference for the next time I go shopping. Everything I just posted is super mainstream and what not, but I don’t care because it’s super cute. So, just remember this wonderful list the next time you go shopping, and tell me what you buy. Thanks for dealing with my inconsistent posting, remember to subscribe to my blog!



8 thoughts on “What I Have Been Obsessing Over

  1. On Cstar’s blog, she posted she’s boycotting Urban Outfitters because some of their shirts have ”Depression” and ”Eat Less” written on them.

  2. ღ ηιηαк099 ღ

    So much oversized stuff *_*

  3. I love the cardigans!! But I’m not old enough to buy them yet. They would never fit!

  4. I absolutely love cardigans! I have a good amount of them, and they feel really comfortable. I love how they look laid-back while still keeping the outfit looking put-together. Every girl’s dream with an outfit!

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