Born Pretty Store

So I was looking around Youtube for makeup videos, and I came across a video that had links to the website where the author got her makeup. Everything on this website is super cheap, high quality, and cute! There isn’t only makeup though, there is also cute accessories, wigs, nail polish, phone accessories, and clothing. Not only that, but shipping is free for everything! The link to this website is

Here are some things I suggest buying on this website.

Super cheap and cute midi rings!

Mid rings


I hear this eye shadow palette is really high quality, yet really cheap!

eye shadow

This blonde wig is gorgeous, but still high quality and low priced!


These matching t-shirts for those couples out there.

couple tshirt

What every girl wants-cheap, high quality, waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliner.


Hipster phone cases are da bomb

hipster phone case

Super cute multilayer bracelets

multilayer bracelet

Nail Polish. So Much Nail Polish.

bk nail polish

It’s all so tempting to buy! To get you started, use this 10% off code:


Buy anything you want! It’s all so cheap! Doll yourself up, you deserve it. If you buy anything, leave a comment on what you buy and maybe a little review. I want to know everything about this cute little shop! And remember, the website is

XOXO ~Angela


7 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store

  1. xD
    Have you bought anything?

  2. Aw, there’s no giftcards for it on instaGC, I was planning on buying somethings.
    By the way, can you get your own debit card? Since you have one and I’d want to buy somethings on that website, they have such cute clothes!

    • A lot of banks have age restrictions for debit cards for teens, and I do have one. The thing is though that the system is SO inefficient. Everytime you want money, you have go to the bank and ask them to put money on your card. If you want to do it online, it takes like 10 days! Not all banks are like this, but debit cards are quite a hassle.

  3. Cool, do u think this will work in Britain? I really wanna buy stuff from there

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