They are everywhere. Skater skirts. And I am addicted to them since the beginning of this school year. Not only because skirts make me so free, but because you can literally wear them with anything! They make my waist look skinnier and make me look taller, so that’s also a benefit. They are also cheap and easy to find at any store such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, etc. Which ones do you like the best?


11 thoughts on “#skaterskirt

  1. ღ ηιηαк099 ღ

    The 5th ^^ But I like the galaxy one too

  2. I totally agree! All of them looked really cute. Skater skirts are everywhere because of its simplicity. They can be worn with so many different things and can be dressed up or down. That’s the best thing about them. I love how they look with combat boots and some sort of lace pantyhose. I see a lot of people with outfits like that and I think it’s really cute!

  3. Hi I just wanted to ask your opinion on where to get the cheapest (but still decent quality) skater skirts? Thank you and I love your blog xx

    • Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe 🙂
      I love the Brandy Melville ones but they are a little more expensive
      and thank you!

      • Oh okay, thanks!! I don’t want to bother you further, but are they under $10? Also, this is my first skater skirt, so do you have any colors you recommend?

      • Hmm I don’t think there are many out there under 10 dollars. I would prefer a black one or a maroon since they black goes good with anything pretty much 🙂 and you can ask me any questions you want, you are not bothering me 🙂

      • http://www.tillys.com/Tillys/variants.aspx?prod=211997100&ctlg=020_Girls&cid=1330
        What do you think about this one? And thank you! How do you recommend wearing these? I was thinking of wearing it as my back to school outfit, but I’m not really sure where to buy/how to wear.

      • Ohh I love this 🙂 Full Tilt is one of my favorite Tilly’s brands. You can always ask your parents to buy it, and pay them back later, or just go shopping for a different one since there are so many skater skirts out there. I would suggest wearing a loose t-shirt tucked into your skirt such as the Brandy Melville Jennah top or Quinn style top. Or you can wear a bustier with it. I also really love how Doc Martins look with it, but I personally don’t have a pair of those so I wouldn’t know exactly what goes with them.

      • Thank you OMG I’m going to buy it as soon as I can save up for it 😀 thank you so so much for your help!!

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