Outfit of the Day

This dress is more my new obsession rather than outfit of the day. I want this dress so so so badly, it is absolutely gorgeous ❤

It is from Brandy Melville, but it is an old design, so they don’t sell it anymore. I have found it on Instagram shops and Poshmark, but I didn’t have (and still don’t have) any money to buy it. I’ll just be patient and wait for the money to roll in before buying it 🙂

It will probably make me look super short, and I am already super short. But whatever, because it’s so pretty! I would pair it with Doc Martins or some type of ankle boots, or just plain white Vans.

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Getting In Shape

High school is a time of self-consciousness, discovering what you want to do in the future, love and hate, and change. At times, you may not accept yourself for who you are. Although people say this is a bad thing, it can also be motivation for good change. As of now, my dislike of my bodily image is my motivation for getting in shape-the right way.

What is the right way? Changing my diet, not GOING on a diet. Working out on a daily basis. Exercising more often. I will eat more fruits and vegetables, I will eat less sugars and carbohydrates. But I will NOT cut corners by skipping meals. Although this path is the hard way, it is the right way, and I am willing to take it.

But what don’t you like about yourself Angela? Being 15 years old, 5’1 and 104 lbs, you might think that I like the way I look. Well it all starts with ice skating. First of all, it made my thighs super huge, which is not a bad thing since it means I have stronger legs, but now my thighs are very out of proportion compared to my upper body. You may think I am exaggerating, but knowing your goals is very important if you want to achieve something. Anyway, what I really want to improve is my posture and upper body strength. Now that I am on a senior level(the highest level) synchronized skating team, that means I have to GREATLY improve my posture, upper body strength, and endurance.

I have never really “tried” to get in shape before, so I am trying a workout program called the 30 Days Challenge To Get In Shape on hasfit.com. I love this website because it’s workout programs are all completely free and the instructors are super motivational and helpful. Last year, my sister did the 30 Days To Get Six Pack Abs fitness program twice(2 months!) and she didn’t seem to have a six pack by the end of the program. I am not sure if the problem was her or the actual program, but I feel I can really achieve a lot if I stick to my program and add some extra cardio workouts, ab workouts, and upper body workouts.

If you know more about this stuff, I would really love some advice and pointers, because I have all the motivation but none of the knowledge. It would be super helpful, just comment below!

Anyway, the point of this post is that I haven’t written any posts about workout clothing in a long time, so it’s a perfect time to make another one. So this is what I wear when I workout:

Forever 21 Slouchy Racerback Workout Tank in Gray (Heather grey) - Lyst

Forever 21 $9 Gray Slouchy Racerback Workout Tank

Forever 21 Low Impact Strappy Back Studio Bra in Black (Black/neon blue) - Lyst

Forever 21 $15 Black Low Impact Strappy Back Studio Bra

Boogie Short

Lululemon $42 Boogie Short

Nike Free TR Fit 3 - Women's - Black/Club Pink/Atomic Pink/Metallic Summit White

Nike $80 Nike Free TR Fit 3

I find this outfit super comfortable, but I would prefer a fitted tank top instead of a loose one like the one I have. Most of the workout clothing I buy is from Forever 21 because their activewear is super cheap, high quality, and stylish. Here are some suggestions:

Forever 21 $15 Padded Workout Tank

Forever 21 $15
Padded Workout Tank

Forever 21 $11 Seamless Racerback Run Tank

Forever 21 $11
Seamless Racerback Run Tank

RUN:Swiftly Racerback

Lululemon $48 Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback

For bottoms, I would only wear spandex when running and dance. If you think spandex are unflattering, you can also wear 3/4th cropped pants aka capris. I like these capris because you can wear them to school with pretty much anything to give yourself a sporty look.

In The Flow Crop II

Lululemon $78 In The Flow Crop II

Forever 21 $20 Reflective Performance Capris

Forever 21 $20
Reflective Performance Capris

And if you think you have a nice butt and nice thighs and nice legs in general, you should wear leggings. But honestly, I cannot pull those off… so I’ll just stick with spandex for now.

Forever 21 $20 Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings

Forever 21 $20
Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings

If you workout, you will probably get warm within the first 5 minutes. So I do not suggest wearing long sleeve clothing or full length pants. But if you are exercising in a cold environment, wear a light jacket. I have an (overpriced) Lululemon jacket, but here is a cheaper option 🙂

Forever 21 $25 Full Zip Running Jacket

Forever 21 $25
Full Zip Running Jacket

Forme Jacket

Lululemon $108 Forme Jacket

For socks, I would go Nike all the way 🙂 Who even cares about the price at this point, the shoes and socks are all about the Nike. (I know I am giving terrible advice)

Nike Dri-FIT Half-Cushion Crew (3 Pair) Training Socks

Nike Training Socks (3 pairs) $18

And shoes. The most important part of your outfit. How did this post change from my workout outfit to a full on outfit-picking post? Oh well. Ok, so everyone LOVES gorgeous beautiful Nike shoe porn. But you have to figure out which shoe functions best for you.

Training shoes have TERRIBLE support, so don’t expect to run 10 miles in them, they are mainly for small things like walks and working out. They are much more thin because of less support. I have beautiful training shoes, but honestly they hurt after a while running in them… Also, Nike sells the most beautiful training shoes ever:

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print Women's Training Shoe

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print $105

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print Women's Training Shoe

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print $105

It hurts how beautiful they are…

Running shoes have much more support. If you are in track and field or cross country, I suggest getting these. (I have no experience, you probably shouldn’t listen to me)

Nike Flyknit Air Max Women's Running Shoe

Nike Flyknit Air Max $225

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Women's Running Shoe

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit $120

Honestly these shoes make mine look like pieces of crap because they are gorgeous… Just remember, having nice workout clothes will not make you better at working out. You can only get better by working hard, not by looking good. Remember that now! The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday 🙂

Ok well that’s pretty much it for workout clothes. If I keep looking at clothes, I will be too tempted to buy more. Thanks for following my blog and check for more posts and updates later!

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Outfit of the Day

One of my least favorite celebrities, I present to you Kylie Jenner! I actually wear this outfit…too often. But I like to wear the black version of this dress. And seeing it on a celebrity I despise is definitely a great confidence booster! This dress is from my favorite store, Brandy Melville, which I mention much too often on my blog. The shoes are Converse brand.

I’m thinking about quitting my other blog soon, so I will be posting more often and be more engaged in this blog and my new Youtube channel.

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Your Summer Shopping Guide

The weather has been getting really warm down here in southern California, and it will be Memorial Day in two weeks. What does that mean? I get to (finally) go shopping for summer clothes! I only go shopping about twice a year, Memorial Day for summer clothes, and Black Friday for winter clothes. That’s why I end up buying a lot of random clothes throughout the year online. Anyway, I usually never know exactly what I want to buy for summer clothes, and I regret a lot of my choices. So here is a guide not only for your summer shopping needs, but also for mine 🙂


The summer of 2013 was all about muscle tees and crop tops. The summer for this summer won’t have changed much, but more and more people have been wearing Brandy Melville brand clothes and flowy type tops.

Brandy Melville $14

Forever 21 $5.80

Graphic crop tops and cropped tank tops are also going to be popular this summer.

Brandy Melville $21

DOE Mickey Cropped Tee

Urban Outfitters $39

Rib Caged bralettes are also going to be super popular. They look super cute with open back shirts and dresses. The design originated at Brandy Melville, but many other stores sell very similar replicas for a cheaper price.

ShopGracieUSA $14

Brandy Melville $19

Many people have also started wearing super cute bralettes such as the caged ones. They look perfect underneath flowy shirts and what-not.

ShopGracieUSA $7


Brandy Melville $15


The first thing I think of when I hear “summer bottoms”? High waisted shorts! Floral, distressed, tie-dye, any you can think of! I love them all (but mostly distressed high waisted shorts haha).

RiRi Lightwash Acid Shorts - Thumbnail 12

ShopGracieUSA $28

Forever 21 $19.80

Brandy Melville $30

I am also still deeply in love with skater skirts, and I would wear them all summer ❤

Forever 21 $15.80

Brandy Melville $26

And for colder days, I would prefer a maxi skirt with a crop top or a flowy top.

maxi skirt

Charlotte Russe

Forever 21 $14.80

And last but not least, Vodi shorts. I made a whole post about them below. Check that out 🙂

Vodi Shorts $15


There are literally a million dresses in the world that I really want. But I found this one maxi dress that is not sold anymore at Brandy Melville, and I am DEATHLY in love with it, I want it so badly!

Otherwise there are many other dresses. I prefer skater dresses because they don’t make me look as short.

Forever 21 $13.80

Brandy Melville $28

And I absolutely despise the Jada-style dresses that Brandy Melville and any other store sells because it is quite unflattering on any body. But being the weirdo I am, I will probably end up buying one because it’s so free and flowy and in-style. And it also looks super cute with the caged bralettes.

Brandy Melville $30

Brandy Melville $30

Forever 21 $14.80


Doc Martins! Doc Martins with everything! But the real ones are too expensive, so buy the fake ones 🙂

I honestly only wear like Converse and Vans because I am the most white-washed Asian ever… so….

Otherwise, I would prefer flip flops and sandals all summer.

Charlotte Russe $7

Charlotte Russe $7

Charlotte Russe $22.50

Charlotte Russe $22.50

That’s pretty much all you need to know about style this summer.

So, recently there have been 8+ fires burning ALL over San Diego County, therefore I had no school on Thursday and Friday May 15-16th. To any of those living in San Diego, stay safe! Thank you so much for all the efforts the firefighters have made, including gigantic commercial Boeing 747’s pouring fire retardant all over the fires. This amazed me because if you don’t know, Boeing 747’s are the gigantic airplanes you ride on that can hold 400 passengers. They are literally GIGANTIC.

I am amazed by all these efforts the firefighters and people have been making to save homes. Thank you so much guys!

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Twins Entertainment

Hey guys! I’ve been watching this AMAZING Youtube channel lately called Jacksgap. It is run by a pair of British twins that are super attractive and adorable. I found their videos inspiring, so I decided to create a Youtube channel with my twin sister, Amanda. We want to be like Jack and his twin, Finn, and create funny and inspiring videos, too. Our new Youtube channel is called Twins Entertainment, yes very cliche.

Anyway, it would mean SO much to my sister and me if you could subscribe to our new channel! We really want to become known in the Youtube world; it is basically our new ambition. Here is the link to our channel:


We will be posting videos regularly, and here is the official trailer for our channel:

I’m the one on the right by the way 🙂

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Vodi Shorts

A new trend has emerged in the high school world of fashion. These shorts called “Vodis” have been appearing on girls all over southern California. Girls mainly get them at Brandy Melville, but there are possibly other stores that sell them too. They cost around $15, not too bad. Here is what they look like:

Yes, they indeed look like sleepwear. But if girls really like them, well ok. Why not. You can also buy them in a bunch of different and cute prints and colors.

In my opinion, these shorts are actually pretty cute. They are super comfortable and loose. You just have to wear them right. They can be super cute for going to the beach, wearing casually, or just being lazy. You can easily style these shorts with a loose, flowy top or a sweater. Try not to look like you are going to bed…

There are not many places where you can Vodi look-a-likes because these shorts just came into the market at brandymelvilleusa.com. So if you honestly think $15 is too much for these shorts, you will have to find other places to buy them.

It’s almost summer guys! You know what that means? I’ll finally have time to revamp and upgrade the blog and post every single day. My summer would basically start right after AP tests because we barely learn anything else after AP testing. My AP tests are next week and the week after, so after that I will be MUCH more active. Thanks for following my blog and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @socalspiritblog

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