Vodi Shorts

A new trend has emerged in the high school world of fashion. These shorts called “Vodis” have been appearing on girls all over southern California. Girls mainly get them at Brandy Melville, but there are possibly other stores that sell them too. They cost around $15, not too bad. Here is what they look like:

Yes, they indeed look like sleepwear. But if girls really like them, well ok. Why not. You can also buy them in a bunch of different and cute prints and colors.

In my opinion, these shorts are actually pretty cute. They are super comfortable and loose. You just have to wear them right. They can be super cute for going to the beach, wearing casually, or just being lazy. You can easily style these shorts with a loose, flowy top or a sweater. Try not to look like you are going to bed…

There are not many places where you can Vodi look-a-likes because these shorts just came into the market at brandymelvilleusa.com. So if you honestly think $15 is too much for these shorts, you will have to find other places to buy them.

It’s almost summer guys! You know what that means? I’ll finally have time to revamp and upgrade the blog and post every single day. My summer would basically start right after AP tests because we barely learn anything else after AP testing. My AP tests are next week and the week after, so after that I will be MUCH more active. Thanks for following my blog and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @socalspiritblog

XOXO ~Angela


10 thoughts on “Vodi Shorts

  1. What AP class do you take?

  2. Cool, I like these shorts. Unfortunately they havn’t made their way to England yet, so Im still waiting eagerly 🙂

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