Your Summer Shopping Guide

The weather has been getting really warm down here in southern California, and it will be Memorial Day in two weeks. What does that mean? I get to (finally) go shopping for summer clothes! I only go shopping about twice a year, Memorial Day for summer clothes, and Black Friday for winter clothes. That’s why I end up buying a lot of random clothes throughout the year online. Anyway, I usually never know exactly what I want to buy for summer clothes, and I regret a lot of my choices. So here is a guide not only for your summer shopping needs, but also for mine 🙂


The summer of 2013 was all about muscle tees and crop tops. The summer for this summer won’t have changed much, but more and more people have been wearing Brandy Melville brand clothes and flowy type tops.

Brandy Melville $14

Forever 21 $5.80

Graphic crop tops and cropped tank tops are also going to be popular this summer.

Brandy Melville $21

DOE Mickey Cropped Tee

Urban Outfitters $39

Rib Caged bralettes are also going to be super popular. They look super cute with open back shirts and dresses. The design originated at Brandy Melville, but many other stores sell very similar replicas for a cheaper price.

ShopGracieUSA $14

Brandy Melville $19

Many people have also started wearing super cute bralettes such as the caged ones. They look perfect underneath flowy shirts and what-not.

ShopGracieUSA $7


Brandy Melville $15


The first thing I think of when I hear “summer bottoms”? High waisted shorts! Floral, distressed, tie-dye, any you can think of! I love them all (but mostly distressed high waisted shorts haha).

RiRi Lightwash Acid Shorts - Thumbnail 12

ShopGracieUSA $28

Forever 21 $19.80

Brandy Melville $30

I am also still deeply in love with skater skirts, and I would wear them all summer ❤

Forever 21 $15.80

Brandy Melville $26

And for colder days, I would prefer a maxi skirt with a crop top or a flowy top.

maxi skirt

Charlotte Russe

Forever 21 $14.80

And last but not least, Vodi shorts. I made a whole post about them below. Check that out 🙂

Vodi Shorts $15


There are literally a million dresses in the world that I really want. But I found this one maxi dress that is not sold anymore at Brandy Melville, and I am DEATHLY in love with it, I want it so badly!

Otherwise there are many other dresses. I prefer skater dresses because they don’t make me look as short.

Forever 21 $13.80

Brandy Melville $28

And I absolutely despise the Jada-style dresses that Brandy Melville and any other store sells because it is quite unflattering on any body. But being the weirdo I am, I will probably end up buying one because it’s so free and flowy and in-style. And it also looks super cute with the caged bralettes.

Brandy Melville $30

Brandy Melville $30

Forever 21 $14.80


Doc Martins! Doc Martins with everything! But the real ones are too expensive, so buy the fake ones 🙂

I honestly only wear like Converse and Vans because I am the most white-washed Asian ever… so….

Otherwise, I would prefer flip flops and sandals all summer.

Charlotte Russe $7

Charlotte Russe $7

Charlotte Russe $22.50

Charlotte Russe $22.50

That’s pretty much all you need to know about style this summer.

So, recently there have been 8+ fires burning ALL over San Diego County, therefore I had no school on Thursday and Friday May 15-16th. To any of those living in San Diego, stay safe! Thank you so much for all the efforts the firefighters have made, including gigantic commercial Boeing 747’s pouring fire retardant all over the fires. This amazed me because if you don’t know, Boeing 747’s are the gigantic airplanes you ride on that can hold 400 passengers. They are literally GIGANTIC.

I am amazed by all these efforts the firefighters and people have been making to save homes. Thank you so much guys!

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9 thoughts on “Your Summer Shopping Guide

  1. ѕє¢яєт αgєηт αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1

    Stay safe! Are the fires really close to your home?

  2. ღ вrooĸlyn ღ

    Awesome. I love all the styles except for the maxi skirt, I don’t really wear them. ❤

    • ღ вrooĸlyn ღ

      Me too, I’m a white-washed Asian. But I thought you were an American, I saw it in your and you have an accent too!

      • Well I am American, but like American isn’t a race. I was born and raised in America, so I have an American accent. But my race is 100% Chinese haha

  3. Hey! I think you remember me, rememeber that girl who asked if she can work for your blog a few months ago, but you said you wanted me to be around your age? Well, I made my own blog and I was wondering if you can kinda give me some pointers because I litteraly check this blog like every week. I’ll credit you and maybe a favor, or two. And, could you also do a quick shoutout? Just like a post saying to check my blog out or something, eh idk. So yeah, I know it’s a lot to ask, and it’s totally ok if you say no. Please reply ASAP, thanks!

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