Getting In Shape

High school is a time of self-consciousness, discovering what you want to do in the future, love and hate, and change. At times, you may not accept yourself for who you are. Although people say this is a bad thing, it can also be motivation for good change. As of now, my dislike of my bodily image is my motivation for getting in shape-the right way.

What is the right way? Changing my diet, not GOING on a diet. Working out on a daily basis. Exercising more often. I will eat more fruits and vegetables, I will eat less sugars and carbohydrates. But I will NOT cut corners by skipping meals. Although this path is the hard way, it is the right way, and I am willing to take it.

But what don’t you like about yourself Angela? Being 15 years old, 5’1 and 104 lbs, you might think that I like the way I look. Well it all starts with ice skating. First of all, it made my thighs super huge, which is not a bad thing since it means I have stronger legs, but now my thighs are very out of proportion compared to my upper body. You may think I am exaggerating, but knowing your goals is very important if you want to achieve something. Anyway, what I really want to improve is my posture and upper body strength. Now that I am on a senior level(the highest level) synchronized skating team, that means I have to GREATLY improve my posture, upper body strength, and endurance.

I have never really “tried” to get in shape before, so I am trying a workout program called the 30 Days Challenge To Get In Shape on I love this website because it’s workout programs are all completely free and the instructors are super motivational and helpful. Last year, my sister did the 30 Days To Get Six Pack Abs fitness program twice(2 months!) and she didn’t seem to have a six pack by the end of the program. I am not sure if the problem was her or the actual program, but I feel I can really achieve a lot if I stick to my program and add some extra cardio workouts, ab workouts, and upper body workouts.

If you know more about this stuff, I would really love some advice and pointers, because I have all the motivation but none of the knowledge. It would be super helpful, just comment below!

Anyway, the point of this post is that I haven’t written any posts about workout clothing in a long time, so it’s a perfect time to make another one. So this is what I wear when I workout:

Forever 21 Slouchy Racerback Workout Tank in Gray (Heather grey) - Lyst

Forever 21 $9 Gray Slouchy Racerback Workout Tank

Forever 21 Low Impact Strappy Back Studio Bra in Black (Black/neon blue) - Lyst

Forever 21 $15 Black Low Impact Strappy Back Studio Bra

Boogie Short

Lululemon $42 Boogie Short

Nike Free TR Fit 3 - Women's - Black/Club Pink/Atomic Pink/Metallic Summit White

Nike $80 Nike Free TR Fit 3

I find this outfit super comfortable, but I would prefer a fitted tank top instead of a loose one like the one I have. Most of the workout clothing I buy is from Forever 21 because their activewear is super cheap, high quality, and stylish. Here are some suggestions:

Forever 21 $15 Padded Workout Tank

Forever 21 $15
Padded Workout Tank

Forever 21 $11 Seamless Racerback Run Tank

Forever 21 $11
Seamless Racerback Run Tank

RUN:Swiftly Racerback

Lululemon $48 Run: Swiftly Tech Racerback

For bottoms, I would only wear spandex when running and dance. If you think spandex are unflattering, you can also wear 3/4th cropped pants aka capris. I like these capris because you can wear them to school with pretty much anything to give yourself a sporty look.

In The Flow Crop II

Lululemon $78 In The Flow Crop II

Forever 21 $20 Reflective Performance Capris

Forever 21 $20
Reflective Performance Capris

And if you think you have a nice butt and nice thighs and nice legs in general, you should wear leggings. But honestly, I cannot pull those off… so I’ll just stick with spandex for now.

Forever 21 $20 Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings

Forever 21 $20
Side-Pocket Skinny Workout Leggings

If you workout, you will probably get warm within the first 5 minutes. So I do not suggest wearing long sleeve clothing or full length pants. But if you are exercising in a cold environment, wear a light jacket. I have an (overpriced) Lululemon jacket, but here is a cheaper option 🙂

Forever 21 $25 Full Zip Running Jacket

Forever 21 $25
Full Zip Running Jacket

Forme Jacket

Lululemon $108 Forme Jacket

For socks, I would go Nike all the way 🙂 Who even cares about the price at this point, the shoes and socks are all about the Nike. (I know I am giving terrible advice)

Nike Dri-FIT Half-Cushion Crew (3 Pair) Training Socks

Nike Training Socks (3 pairs) $18

And shoes. The most important part of your outfit. How did this post change from my workout outfit to a full on outfit-picking post? Oh well. Ok, so everyone LOVES gorgeous beautiful Nike shoe porn. But you have to figure out which shoe functions best for you.

Training shoes have TERRIBLE support, so don’t expect to run 10 miles in them, they are mainly for small things like walks and working out. They are much more thin because of less support. I have beautiful training shoes, but honestly they hurt after a while running in them… Also, Nike sells the most beautiful training shoes ever:

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print Women's Training Shoe

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print $105

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print Women's Training Shoe

Nike Free TR Fit 4 Print $105

It hurts how beautiful they are…

Running shoes have much more support. If you are in track and field or cross country, I suggest getting these. (I have no experience, you probably shouldn’t listen to me)

Nike Flyknit Air Max Women's Running Shoe

Nike Flyknit Air Max $225

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit Women's Running Shoe

Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit $120

Honestly these shoes make mine look like pieces of crap because they are gorgeous… Just remember, having nice workout clothes will not make you better at working out. You can only get better by working hard, not by looking good. Remember that now! The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday 🙂

Ok well that’s pretty much it for workout clothes. If I keep looking at clothes, I will be too tempted to buy more. Thanks for following my blog and check for more posts and updates later!

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XOXO ~Angela


14 thoughts on “Getting In Shape

  1. daaaang you’re senior level? i’m like, preliminary lol

    • You do synchronized skating? That’s so cool!!! Don’t worry, you will get better, I am just really old and experienced haha. What is the name of your synchro team?

  2. Hey angela! Quick post, do you know what see it, want it is? it’s this really cool site where you find cute items and they show you wear to buy it. thought you might like it, so here!

  3. You’re 5’1? You look taller in your pictures and videos…

  4. ur a midget
    im 14 and 5’5 (but 114 lbs ewewewewwwwww)

    and i do track so i have weird tans all over my body like srsly omfg no

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