My Blog’s Story

When I first created this blog, I had no set goal for what I wanted to do and it was very disorganized. I posted random things and had no template for my blog. A year later, not much has really changed. I still post random things and do not have a template for my posts. But this summer, I want to develop my blog fully and make it more organized.

So I’ll start at the beginning again.

Hi, my name is Angela. I live in San Diego, California and I am currently 15 year old. My interests include synchronized ice skating, art, and blogging. My main topics for this blog will include fashion, beauty, makeup, and fitness. Let me elaborate on each topic.


As you have heard many times from many different people, everybody wants to fit in right? But not only does everyone want to fit in, but everyone also wants to be unique. Kind of ironic right? I have always shunned myself for my past fashion sense; it changes so much every year. Starting in 9th grade, I started catching up with fashion trends. Well what do I mean by catching up? For example, when I was in 8th grade, I wore like colored skinny jeans and plain color shirts. Normal 8th graders wore skirts, denim shorts, and even the occasional crop top. I never did my hair or makeup, and I did not shave or use deodorant.

In 9th grade, I kind of followed regular fashion trends closely. I started wearing shorts regularly and NOT wearing the same outfit every week. I dip-dyed my hair purple, then dyed all of my hair brown. I started doing makeup and straightening my hair every day. I still sometimes felt out of place with my strange fashion sense, but I mostly liked my clothing and payed very careful attention to my outfits. Now changing from middle school to high school is really big. I feel like it changed me a lot. I definitely looked way older and more mature in terms of fashion and physical appearance by the end of 9th grade. Very common outfits in 9th grade included crop tops, maxi skirts, skater skirts, cardigans, and high-waisted shorts. But I still did not have think much of wearing that type of clothing.

My fashion sense changed the most in my sophomore year of high school. Many may believe that there are always a group of “popular girls” in their school and that they are such “white girls”. This is the belief that I base most of my posts off of. So when I say an item is “popular” and a “new trend”, I am alluding to the fact that these “popular, white girls” have started to wear these. My own fashion sense is mostly based off of these so called “white girls”. What does that mean? It means I wanted to fit in and be popular, but only fashion-wise. My freshman year of high school was when I had a hard time getting along with my “group of friends”. We would constantly get in fights and do mean things to each other. I feel like that was one of the reasons why I didn’t care so much to fit in in 9th grade but rather to just find a good group of friends that will always be there for me.

In 10th grade is when my group of friends started conforming to each other and accepting each other. Therefore, that was not really a problem for me anymore. So I decided to focus on what I really loved-fashion. I wasn’t striving for a “unique” fashion sense but rather a “mainstream” one since I never really had a “mainstream” fashion sense. I’m hoping that in the future, it will develop into a unique type that will lead me on my way to the fashion industry. But for now I can just accept the fact that I “dress like a white girl” according to many people.

I think having a fashion blog really helped me keep my fashion sense in order so that I know exactly what I want to be. Not only that, but I would really love to help other people “develop” their fashion sense. I see it this way; developing a fashion sense is like developing the ability to play a sport well. You have to practice a lot, and not be afraid to take risks. You have to be willing to want to get better, and you have to have a methodical and effective way of improving. I believe that this blog can be that way of helping people develop their fashion sense.


Firstly, beauty relates to makeup, hygiene, and basically anything in the bathroom. So I started experimenting with beauty products in 9th grade. I always had an interest in beauty, but never really got to cultivating my curiousness. I guess after seeing so many upperclassmen who used beauty products made me want to start trying these things too. I also I believe I am a late boomer when it comes to the age in which I start using beauty products. Like for example, my mom never believed I needed to shave my legs because I’m Asian and she says “Asians barely have any leg hair”. Well obviously she had never seen my legs, because they looked like forests. So I started questioning the forests I had on my legs in 10th grade, which is indeed really late. Now I’m glad I found out that teen girls regularly shave their legs, because if I didn’t, I would still have trees on my legs.

Also, I actually only started using exfoliating face wash when my doctor recommended it. That was about 3 years ago. I guess it was because I had more acne than my genetics allowed, and I am so thankful for it. If I didn’t learn how to clean my face, I would have much more acne. I still believe that I learned about it too late though. I also started experimenting with simple makeup in 9th grade. I liked to use liquid eyeliner on a regular basis, although it wasn’t even noticeable. I watched many many many many makeup videos, but then did I only realize that my eye shape makes applying makeup SO hard. What I mean by this is that I have fat almond shaped eyes, and my eyelids are extremely puffy. Not only that, but I have double eyelids, meaning I have a flap of skin over my eyelid, so eyeliner doesn’t actually show up. That basically cancelled out eyeliner and eye shadow as good makeup for me. I think I have posted something about double eyelids before, and they are the reason why I pretty much quit trying to use eye shadow.

I also did not know how to shape my eyebrows until literally the beginning of this year. No one simply ever told me eyebrows were so important. So not only did I have forests on my legs, but I also had jungles on my face until the middle to end of my sophomore year of high school. I am still extremely bad at plucking my eyebrows, so if you ever need someone to ruin your eyebrows, hit me up.

My beauty products story is quite short since it started only well over a year ago, and that is no thanks to anyone BUT Youtube videos. I am glad that I found out about these things though, because I feel like I am really growing up.


Fitness is literally one of my top priorities starting only this summer. I never really cared about how my body looked before since I am pretty skinny (mostly because of genetics), but also because I feel like I really wasn’t getting any fatter. I only felt like I was getting less fit when my mom told me once that I was getting “choppy”. Let me just say moms are brutally honest; if it wasn’t true, she wouldn’t have said it. Before I started caring about fitness, I also felt like I had a healthy lifestyle. I stopped eating hamburgers and most fast foods a few year ago, and I rarely drank soda. But that didn’t keep me from inhaling WAY too many carbs and sugars, since I was quite lacking on the junk food. Now, my sugar inhalation has decreased greatly, but I feel is still not at a very healthy level.

One of the many reasons I started fitness was because last summer, my sister actually completed many fitness programs. I really didn’t see any difference in her physical appearance, but it really got me interested in it. This school year, I felt like it would actually be really great to live a healthy lifestyle (and not to mention have a six pack). Once I reached over 100 lbs (don’t judge me), I really did feel start not liking my body. I felt my fat was unevenly layered throughout my body, there was too much skinny in some places and too much fat in other places. Besides, there are so many great health benefits to working out and doing fitness every day.

I have probably said this before, but I am an ice skater, therefore I pretty much solely use my legs in my sport. What does that mean? It means I have IRON THIGHS and my leg muscles are super unproportional to my upper body. I didn’t feel like I could style clothes as well because of this imbalance, and I really wanted to get a nice body. Not only that, but it also helped me find motivation to achieve a goal in life. I started losing purpose to many of the things I did, so I made a new purpose. After about a month of regular fitness training, I feel so much better and so much more motivated to continue living a healthy lifestyle. I feel like I really accomplished something and that I can really achieve more if I have the right mindset.

Here are my before and after pictures of 30 days of regular workouts and fitness training.

progress 2


Well that was basically the story of how this blog came to be. Now that I feel like I have established my purpose and main ideas for this blog, I feel like I should organize it. I really probably create a new fitness page since I am quite in love with fitness at the moment, and hopefully post more and keep an organized blog. I can’t thank you guys enough for sticking to my blog and supporting me so much! If you have any ideas for new things I should add on this blog, don’t be afraid to comment below! I am always up for new ideas. I would love to diversify my blog to more subjects than just beauty, fashion, and fitness!

Instagram @socalspiritblog


XOXO ~Angela


4 thoughts on “My Blog’s Story

  1. Wow it looks like you lost LOADS of weight angela! You are SO beautiful I’d give anything to have brown wavy hair ❤ My hair is long and straight and blond, I hate it 😦 I really love ur blog angela so i have some tips for new pages! 1.How to apply basic makeup (foundation, powder, eye makeup, lips, etc) 2. Eyebrow shaping 3. Hair (different styles for different hair lengths, colours etc. ur fave hair dyes, styles, styles in fashion, cuts in fashion etc) Your blog will be one of the world's best fashion blogs one day if you keep working hard. Well done angela!!

    • You are so sweet, thank you so much! You are actually really lucky you have straight blonde hair 🙂 And thank you so much for the ideas!! I will keep those in mind.

  2. My hair is SUPER wavy and it’s always tangled… One day I spent 20 minutes using a straightener but after 45 minutes they started to pop up…
    This blog is amazing! ❤ it!

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