Bikini Bound: Choosing the Best Swimsuit For Your Body

Can one really go through the whole summer without buying and flaunting an ADORABLE and affordable swimsuit? Truth is, no way! But there are just SO many choices out there, but it’s okay, because I am here to help anyone choose the right bikini for their body! Let us start by how an individual classifies her body type? Truth is I am not exactly sure of my body type. Remember, any body is a beautiful body, and eating healthy and living a good lifestyle is the first step to flaunting a beautiful bikini! Here is how you classify your body shape:

body types


So, athletic people basically have the nicest bodies out there. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, muscular legs, nice butt, proportional body. You can get an athletic body with a lot of hard work and the right workout program. If you have an athletic body type, you should focus on feminine cuts and details. Since people with athletic body types have really nice legs, they would look really good with embellishments or even solid color bottoms and a printed top. Athletic body types tend to have broad shoulders, so a suit with prints along the side will help even it out. Generally stay away from bandeaus, boy-cut briefs, and shapeless one piece swimsuits.

If you have short legs, wearing high-cut swimsuits will make your legs appear longer, kind of like Miley Cyrus’s jumpsuits 🙂

If you have a short torso, do NOT wear high waisted bikini bottoms. Wear low-hip bikinis and high-bustline tops.


If you have a straight body type, you have no curves. You’ll have to fake it till you make it. Bikinis with padding, ruffles, and prints will make you look curvier. Underwires also add support, and bustier bikinis look good too.

Avoid bandeau tops and sporty bottoms! These DO NOT complement your body type.


I know that everyone should respect their body, but I am pear-shaped and I absolutely would love an athletic type body. Being 5’1 and a figure skater, I have HUGE thighs, short legs, and a short torso. It’s hard to find a flattering bikini and I hate being extremely short. But anyways, if you have a pear shaped body like me, then bottoms with skirts can add for coverage. Briefs and boyshorts will also even out your thighs a bit. Try not to wear prints on your bottoms and wear halter straps and underwired bikinis that flatter your upper body more.


If you have an hourglass figure, you will want to wear a swimsuit that complements your curves, but still holds everything firmly in place. If you want your waist to look skinnier, wear a high waisted bikini, I actually love those. You should also wear solid colors or simply prints so it keeps everything in control. Avoid thin-stringed bikinis.

Hope you find the perfect bikini for you! Remember, no matter what body shape you have, you are beautiful! Now rock that swimsuit, and don’t worry about what others think 🙂

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~Angela Z.


9 thoughts on “Bikini Bound: Choosing the Best Swimsuit For Your Body

  1. my body shape is watermelon do u hv any tips

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