I Got My Ears Pierced!

No one ever noticed this before, but I don’t have pierced ears. That means I can’t style my outfits with super cute, matching earrings! But yesterday, August 2nd, 2014, I finally got my ears pierced! 😀 Being the crazy, stupid idiot that I am, I didn’t just get regular lobe piercings, I got 6 piercings, hurray! I got 2 lobe piercings, a cartilage piercing on my right ear, and a navel (belly button) piercing.

ears pierced

navel pierced

Let me just tell you, it was quite the experience. As mentioned before, I am a very stupid and crazy person. So I got my piercings at a sketchy house near Qualcomm Stadium (home of the San Diego Chargers). She charged $50 for all 6 piercings, which is really cheap, and it came with the jewelry. Also, I didn’t have to get parental consent for the navel piercing, so that’s quite nice too. Of course, you should really get parental consent if you want a navel piercing. You should also get it done professionally, but not at Claire’s. Claire’s uses a gun, which can shatter your cartilage and/or cause an infection. Although a gun hurts less, it’s not worth the after effects!

To be honest, the navel piercing didn’t hurt much at all. The clamp they used actually hurt more than the actual piercing. And the actual needle-poking-into-skin part only hurt for like literally…2 seconds. The cartilage did not hurt as much as I thought it would, but the 2nd pair of lobe piercings kind of hurt, probably because I was expecting more pain in the same areas of my ears.

Yesterday night I was cleaning my navel piercing with a 1-tablespoon-of-salt, 2-tablespoons-of-water solution. You can tell I am an amateur because I barely used any water. My friend who came with me to get a navel piercing used a 1-tablespoon-of-salt, 1-bottle-of-water cleaning solution, which is much smarter. Anyway, I accidentally got a little bit of that cleaning solution into my navel piercing, and it seeped into the piercing. And obviously it burned like HELL for about 5 minutes straight. I was literally just standing there grabbing my stomach in pain. Then it started bleeding again. Great. All in all, do not use so much salt, and do not let it seep into your piercing.

Right now I am SO scared for my navel piercing. I am so afraid it will caught on my shirt or my bedsheets or literally anything. It kind of hurts to bend over since it stretches the skin a little, but I’m sure the pain will subside as the piercing heals. I literally try to do everything with a straight back to avoid moving waist a lot, even getting out of bed, and it so funny yet so scary at the same time.

Also, I have to wait at least a month until I can take the piercing out and change it, so I’ll have this weird clear thing on my belly button for like 6 weeks, oops. At least I didn’t get a black navel ring with a weed leaf on it like my friend who came with me. When I get hair caught on my ear piercings, it hurts like a mother. Probably a bad idea to get so many piercings at once, but YOLO right?

Well the point of this post was to share with you future navel rings/earrings that I wanted to try out that would be SUPER CUTE. I just love these cute little accessories. Here is a list of ones that I would absolutely love:

Belly Rings

Dream Catcher Belly Ring

Diamond Belly Ring

Anchor Belly Ring

Heart Belly Ring

Feather Belly Ring

THIS?! (jk)


Diamond Stud Earrings ❤

This is cute, but how would I pull this off?

Connected Earrings

Infinity Cartilage Earring

Rose Earrings


I’ve always wanted to try hoop earrings

Just everything tumblr.

One of my biggest worries abut piercings is that people will start thinking of me as a juvenile delinquent or something. I want to break that stereotype, I want to prove that well-rounded, intelligent, smart, and hardworking individuals can have just as much creativity and freedom as those slightly fanatical people with no brains and an excess of piercings and tattoos. I just really love jewelry and fashion, and I love expressing myself.

I also don’t want people to think of me as just another one of those people who cares SO MUCH about how they look. But honestly if you met me, you know all I wear when I’m lazy are a t-shirt and shorts, and I just keep my hair in a messed up bun. I seriously do not really care (anymore) about how I look in public, I just want to feel good about myself. Self improvement is my motivation 🙂

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