Hey guys, it’s caseycow101. I’ll get straight to the point.

I have changed my name to angelakzhou, so no more caseycow101. I’ve decided to quit my fashion blog SoCal Spirit and my old Fantage blog and created a new blog: On this blog, I am basically blogging about my life and whatever I feel like. Please give me a follow, because this will be the only blog I will be updating from now on. I have created this new blog because I feel like my old blogs are too constricting, subject-wise. I also do not want to quit blogging as it has helped my writing skills tremendously. If you would like to still see me blog, just follow my new blog. I thank you all very much for your support and companionship on this blog and as followers. I am honored to have served you guys for over 2 years, but my time has come to move on. You guys have been super supportive and the best friends I could ever have. Thank you for everything 🙂

Your friend always,



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