List of Ideas

So, I don’t really know many things I can do on the blog yet, so on this page will be stuff I should complete soon, so I can get a general idea!

Do you have any ideas? Comment below!

  • Straightening Hair Video
  • Curling Hair Video
  • Different types of hair videos
  • Real life fashion photos of myself
  • Spring outfits I wear
  • Makeup tutorials
  • French Manicure Tutorial
  • Cheap clothes and makeup
  • Coupons for stores!

32 thoughts on “List of Ideas

  1. Straightening Hair Video
    Curling Hair Video
    Different types of hair videos
    Real life fashion photos of myself
    French Manicure Tutorial


  2. Jeans-from-shorts tutorial, and definitely do a What NOT to wear…. 😛

  3. How about celebrity fashion? 🙂

  4. some of the pictures of clothing are totally age appropriate for the nine year olds that visit this blog.

    like seriously, stahp. *jealousy burst out from me*
    hair video, please. My hair is a mess. I don’t really care for fashion. For me it’s either skinny jeans and a t-shirt or sports/running shorts and t-shirt.

  5. i heart soccer

    id like 2 c u make a video ha ha xD

  6. You should do all of those(: Are there any other owners/authors of this blog?

  7. When are you going to upload a video? Can’t wait!

  8. I would really want to see the hairstyle video, coz my hair is like a bird’s nest, unless I’m in public, all I really do is tie it into a ponytail. LOL

  9. I really wanna see spring outfits you wear cuz like I hav to update my style for school lolz :3 im usally wearing baggy jeans O.O

  10. Hi Casey. Wow nice blog. I’m pretty sure my sister would like this blog. I’m going to reccomend it to her. I’m not into fashion much but my sister is so I’ll tell her about this blog. Thanks :D. My sister is looking EVERYWHERE for tips so I think this blog is the perfect place for her to start and end. My sister is going to apreciate this blog. Thanks Casey! 🙂

  11. You could mix and match different clothing from different shops to create cute outfits.. Something like that. And maybe a hairstyle of the week.

  12. I hate false advertisements on TV. Like, IF YOU WEAR THIS SKIRT YOU’LL LOOK LIKE ME (insert hot model here) and I’m like no. I probably won’t even fit into that -______-

    gah, it’s so hard for me to find clothes now. The “children” clothes sizes go up to 16, and tho I’m younger than that 16 is too small )’: and I’m a size 0 / size 2 adult, but all the adult stores are like SIZE 8 SIZE 12 SIZE #*#U@*#UW(*Edjqw9r8u3209

    So now I wear shorts… so when they get short, well, they’re *short* shorts.

    Ya I’m weird. You should totally do the hairstyle thing too.

  13. Hair curling, quick and easy hairstyles for school, makeup tutorials, and outfit ideas for each season.

  14. You should make some videos about doing your hair

      • It’s just that sometimes i need to straighten my hair a bit cause theres always knots on my hair which gets so annoying when i have keep on pulling it out my mom says she likes the way it is beacause it rare to have wavey hair but like eh i don’t care now my hair is like my my hair beacause she dyed it dark brown

  15. Hey, Casey! I agree with CollyFlower– You should make videos about quick and easy hairstyles for school, as well as makeup and cute put-together outfits that are simple, yet show a fashion statement. I really enjoy looking at your blog; keep up the good work, sister! You’ve inspired me to get a little out of my comfort zone, and to try different fashion items. (Yesterday, I wore tye-dye pink skinny jeans that I got compliments on!) So again, thank you.

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