I just wanted to show a video that literally took a lot of effort to make. My friends and I made it, and well, it’s weird.


20 thoughts on “Videos

  1. The party in USA video is so cool!

  2. angela is that u in the videos..

  3. Yay get to see chu Moomoos helper in real life XD I like your vids and ur sooooo pretty!

  4. I agree your very pretty

  5. The party in the usa is so funny I started laughing alot when you and your friends were dancing in the bathroom. lol

  6. Lol, it’d be weird if you guys were dancing and a car passed by..

  7. Lol! It’s pretty cool! I wish we could meet MooMoo sometime though! You are her are very good bloggers! You inspired me for my own blog!

  8. you should put the “how i curl my hair” here

  9. Lovin’ the strobe lights in the bathroom haha lol

    – From Australia (I don’t even know how I got here…)

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